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Instant Gratification with Wireless Memory Cards

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Integrate the convenience of wireless image transfers from your digital camera. Do you share your photos online? Even if you don’t, surely you download them to your computer. That usually means finding the right cables, hooking up your camera or plugging in a memory card… Then you have to copy all the files to the right directory… and then if you do share your photos on a website you have the additional time of copying and uploading. A new product on the market may eliminate all this hassle and stress. The company Eye-Fi, founded in 2005 set out to solve this problem by introducing wireless technology for digital camera users. In October 2007 they launched the first ever wireless SD memory card. The Eye-Fi SD card uses built-in Wi-Fi to connect to any wireless network. It automatically downloads the images as you shoot to your specified computer folder, or favorite online photo sharing and printing site. Its 2GB size allows you to store hundreds of photos on the card, but with instant copying to your computer, no need to worry about running out of space. The transmission uses secure technology so you won’t be sending photos to every wireless computer on the block. It does have a range of 90 feet outdoors and 45 feet indoors. It is compatible with almost all operating systems. To begin, you first set up the Eye-Fi card with your computer. You will specify folders to save images in and set up your websites. While you shoot, with your computer turned on and the Eye-Fi software running your photos will be downloaded automatically and instantly. For photo-sharing sites, Eye-Fi takes care of all the work to log-in, upload photos, and even resize photos if there are limits. It can also handle the full resolution images as well for uploading to photo printers such as Wal-Mart and Costco. Send photos from a party instantly to flickr or facebook so everyone can see them. No more waiting for people to post the photos they promised. The benefits of this technology are incredible. In the digital age of photography we often forget about making prints our sharing our pictures. It takes a long time to get photos off of a camera or to wait for images to upload online. In a sense, this allows us to stay lazy and accomplish more with our images. This could be a great advantage to professional photographers as well, being able to shoot and preview full-screen instantly in a studio setting or with a laptop on location. Hopefully the company Eye-Fi will continue with its developments and offer a Compact Flash card as well for Digital-SLR users.