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About us

About us

A company that doesn't compromise on quality or customer service simply because not compromising is the right thing to do.

The Dream

In this age of mobile photography everyone has a camera and everyone has fantastic photos just sitting on the computer or phone. What if there was a way to print beautiful fine art enlargements of those photos. If only a company like that existed. Someone who knew the ins and outs of printing so you don't have to. Someone who you can actually talk to if you have questions about your photos and the products they offer. A company that doesn't compromise on quality or customer service simply because not compromising is the right thing to do. Or a company that makes it easy to order exactly the size that you need for your wall or as a gift. Yes, if only that company existed.

Oh, wait...we do exist. We have been doing that very thing since 2006. We started this company because the accessibility to professional art printing services seemed to be locked behind closed doors. Doors that only industry professionals knew about or could access. Doak Walker created Canvas Press to give anyone and everyone access to their very own custom fine art printer.

Passion For a Purpose

Canvas Press is a company with a small, family-feel here in the heart of Texas. Yet, we have a reach and customer following that extends around the globe. We are built on a passion for delivering professional art printing services that exceed all expectations. The treasure that arrives to your door is an investment that will amaze you and possibly re-inspire your entire decor. That is the powerful effect of art, especially art that you helped to create.

Be True to Yourself

Creating handcrafted fine art products is no easy task. As the word "handcrafted" hints at there is a lot of work and love (sometimes blood, sweat, & tears) that go into making your custom artwork just right. You will usually find us in jeans and t-shirts working in the shop trimming fine art photo paper, cutting the stretcher frames for your canvas prints or stretching all of the canvas prints. Suits and ties just aren't our style...creating lasting pieces of art for your walls is.

We are built on a passion for delivering exceptional fine art products that exceed all expectations.

The Quest

Nobody is perfect. Even though we try...we know that mistakes can be made. If you find that your order is damaged or not what you ordered we will do everything we can to make it right. We won't hide behind a contact-less website. You can see our phone number and our address right on the website (talk about rare). We stand behind each and every order that goes out our doors. That means that if a mistake is made we will fix it.

At our core


We treat colleagues, coworkers and especially customers with respect, dignity and professionalism.


We want to be a yardstick for quality. We do this by striving for perfection every day until excellence becomes our habit.


We work to reach our goals as a team. By working together we can achieve results that make our customers happy.

What We Value


We have stretched thousands of canvas prints, but we treat each new order with the same care and respect that it deserves. The combination of skill, experience and the pride we take in our work is why we can deliver you a custom canvas gallery wrap so quickly and done to our high standards.


We love our customers! The pros and the novices. Honestly, if you need help or have questions we are here for you. If you have questions about your order, don't hesitate to call us. You will get to talk to a real person who can help to make sure your order is done exactly how you want it.


This one is near and dear to our hearts. Everything we make is done right here in our Houston, TX facility. We also source all of the materials that our products are made of from the USA. We are proud to be an American built company with Made in the USA products that will last several lifetimes.

Our Guarantee

Simply put, our guarantee is that your order will be free of any defects in materials, craftsmanship and order accuracy. If your order shows up and it is damaged or the order was done incorrectly (based on what you ordered) we will do everything we can to make it right or give you a full refund. That is our 30 Day Guarantee.

Each order is also protected by our Lifetime Guarantee. If at any time a product produced by Canvas Press develops a defect from faulty craftsmanship or materials we will correct the problem for you.