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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Since 2006 we have been creating handcrafted quality canvas prints. We know how important your memories, artwork, and photos are. That's why we hold our standards of printing to the highest level. Whether your canvas print is hanging in your home or in an art gallery our attention to quality is the same.
We take pride in creating treasured canvas photo prints that you will be able to cherish for years to come.

Canvas Print Pricing

.75" Canvas PrintStart My Design
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Custom Sizes:
Prices shown reflect "Standard Canvas" type only. Additional charges will apply for other canvas types, options and/or enhancements.

Canvas Types

We have four types of material to choose from when ordering your canvas prints. All of our canvas types are art quality with a cotton-poly base. Whatever custom wall art you choose to print, quality is woven into each of these canvas types.

standard satin print canvas

Standard Canvas

Our go to canvas for everyday beautiful canvas prints. You can feel confident printing your photos to canvas and receiving beautiful results every single time you order. This artist grade canvas is 395 GSM cotton-poly blend that will last a lifetime. Our Standard canvas has a satin finish, which makes it perfect for your family portraits, travel photos, and photos from your phone.

museum matte canvas

Museum Matte

If you are looking for museum or gallery quality canvas then our Museum series is the choice to make for your canvas prints. At 414 GSM thick this cotton-poly canvas displays a brilliant depth of color with a non-glare matte canvas finish. It provides the highest print quality available on the market. Delivering quality fine art reproductions every time.

museum glossy canvas

Museum Glossy

Our Museum Glossy canvas shares the same traits as our Museum Matte canvas. The difference between the two is the beautiful sheen that it produces on your canvas prints. Color photos on our Museum Gloss canvas will get an added pop making it perfect for fully saturated artwork and photos. The extra thick (414 GSM) cotton-poly canvas adds to the luxury of your printed art.

Canvas Depths

All of our stretcher frames are made of 100% poplar wood. We offer a choice of three different depths and even a non-stretched option for your canvas prints. Giving you more options to create the exact piece that fits your needs and style.

3/4 inch gallery wrapped canvas

.75" Depth

.75" depth photos on canvas are perfect for your custom prints to either hang directly on the wall, or they can be placed into a ready made or custom frame.

1.5 inch gallery wrapped canvas

1.5" Depth

1.5" depth canvas prints are the popular choice by our customers. Your custom wall art will stand on its own or when grouped in a wall gallery. No frame is needed.

2 inch gallery wrapped canvas

2" Depth

Coming in at 2 inches thick, these canvases will make a bold photo display in your home. This is an excellent choice for images that need to stand-alone on any wall.

Border Styles

Choose between our three different border types for the perfect finish to your canvas print. Mirror Wrap, Image Wrap, and Color Borders give you the flexibility you need to customize your photos on canvas

mirrored border canvas

Mirror Wrap

To keep the entire image on the front of the canvas the Mirror Wrap is a great option for your photo canvas. We will select the edges of your photo and flip them onto the sides to give you that image wrap look without compromising any important elements on the front of your canvas print.

wrapped canvas

Image Wrap

An Image Wrap border is the true Gallery Wrap look. Your artwork will continue to the sides of the canvas. This may not work for every photo. When you have important elements close to the edge of the photo they may end up on the sides. But, when your photo allows, this is a fantastic look for your photos on canvas.

colored border canvas

Color Wrap

Compliment your photo or artwork with a color printed on the sides of the canvas print. The photo will stay on the front of the canvas and you can choose a specific color to compliment the image and that will be printed on the sides of your canvas print. Feel free to add a pop of color or simulate a frame around your canvas photo.

Mounting Options

When it comes to mounting your photo canvas we have you covered. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your canvas print on the wall so you can start enjoying it.

sawtooth hangers

Sawtooth Hangers

Comes installed on all canvas; Although they are called sawtooth, we wouldn't try to saw anything with them.

wire hangers

Wire Hangers

Are you after the wiry strength of Traditional wire hangers? Then we can help you out. Simply add as an upgraded mounting option and we'll install it for you. $15 per artwork.

security hangers

Security Hangers

If your art is hung in a public space you may want mount your canvas with our Security Hangers. Simply add as an upgraded mounting option and we'll include it with your artwork. $18 per artwork (includes 1 master key per customer)