Father's Day Gift Ideas Now 33% Off

by Eric Von Lehmden | June 4, 2014

father's day gift idea

In an effort to pay tribute to Dad's everywhere we are offering a 33% off sale. I guess you could categorize getting your dad a custom canvas print for Father's Day as: cool Father's Day gift ideas or even unique Father's Day gift ideas. Getting him a canvas print is definitely outside the norm of a dress shirt, swim trunks, or a new tie. I am not dissing those gifts. They are traditional Father's Day gifts...I am just saying that if you are looking for something cool and unique...you found it.

The sale will end on Sunday, June 8th at midnight (PST) so you have plenty of time to pick a photo you think your dad would love to have printed on canvas. Could be a family photo, a photo of his dream car, or even a photo he took that he really loves. Surprise him by having it made into a canvas print.

Use the promo code: 4DAD33 during checkout to get your 33% discount. If you have any questions about ordering just reach out to us at support@canvaspress.com or call us at 888.784.5553.


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