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Confession of a Canvas Press Customer and His Photos on Canvas

by Eric Von Lehmden | May 22, 2013

Darrin has been a customer of ours dating back to a few years now. He has ordered several photos on canvas and metal prints over the course of the couple of years so it was nice to get an email from him today. What put a smile on our face was the story / confession he shared with us regarding his last go 'round with ordering some new canvas prints. Darrin wrote,

"I have a confession. I did try another canvas place about a month or so ago because of a very attractive discount I saw online. I will NEVER use anyone but Canvas Press after that experience. The quality was absolutely horrible. I had taken some photos of 3 bottle caps. The prints I got back were exceptionally dull in color and the coating was chalky. The replacements were only slightly brighter but were literally scuffed with scratches all over the black background. I submitted the same exact files to you guys and they came back perfectly done. I really appreciate all of your care in getting the product right."

Darrin, you made our day! We are so happy we were able to deliver for you. We remember when those prints came through because we all thought that it was such a creative subject matter to make into photo canvas prints. Very pop-art inspired. Don't worry everyone, I will show examples of the photos that Darrin ordered. We realize there are several choices out there to have your photos printed on canvas, and there may be some that do a pretty decent job. But we also know there are some companies out there that just want to crank out as many as they possibly can with little regard to the quality and overall care of your print on canvas.

So, Darrin...Thank You for sharing your confession with us.

Here are the photos that Darrin had printed on canvas:

photos on canvas, canvas prints

photos on canvas, canvas prints

photos on canvas, canvas prints

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