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25% Off Canvas Prints - It's Our Spring Break Special

by Eric Von Lehmden | March 13, 2013

Remember the glory days of having that week of Spring Break to do whatever you wanted to do. Road trip to the beach with your friends or hitting the slopes for the last time of the season. Or if you were like me...stay home and do chores for Mom and Dad...ahhhh yes...those were the days. Come to think of it...I really only had one year in my youth where I wasn't participating in some sport so I couldn't take a spring break. It was all worth it. I am digressing a little from the topic.

We thought we would honor the right of passage that is Spring Break with a 25% Off Sale. You can use the 25% discount for photos on canvas, metal prints, growth charts, and paper prints. Whatever your heart wants. Unless your heart wants to head down to the coast to soak up some rays while driving with the top down...then we can't really help you. But if you are ok with ordering a canvas print then we are here for you.

It is pretty easy to order. Just choose a favorite image, upload it on our website, choose your product and size, then add it to the cart. Once you are in in the cart you can use the promo code: BREAK25 to get your 25% discount. The discount will show up on the checkout page. If you have any questions about your order of if you are unsure about the resolution of the photo you would like to order go ahead and get in contact with us. You can use the Free Image Consultation link if you have concerns about your image or don't know how large of a photo canvas you can make from it. We are more than happy to help you with making your photos the perfect size for your canvas prints.

To recap:

Head over to www.canvaspress.com

25% Off until March 20th at midnight PST

Use the promo code: BREAK25 for your discount

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