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3 Chances to Win Canvas Prints by Entering Our Spooky-Scapes Photo Contest

by Eric Von Lehmden | October 5, 2012

It is October and the beginning of fall, and there are two things that October is known for...cooler weather and Halloween. So we decided to host a new photo contest and the theme is "Spooky-Scapes". I know, that is kind of a strange made up word. It basically means any photo that is a little...off. It could be a scary, eerie, or ghostly landscape or it could be your kids all dressed up in their Halloween costume.

You have 3 chances to win some photos on canvas in this contest. Enter your photo or photos by Wednesday, October 10th at midnight. The voting will then begin at 12:01am on the 11th. The top 10 vote getters will then undergo the judging process by the staff here at Canvas Press. And we will announce the winners on Tuesday, October 16th.

The 1st place winner will win a 24"x36" 1.5" canvas print and 30% off all orders for a year.

The 2nd place winner will win a 16"x20" 1.5" canvas print and 20% off all orders for a year

And the 3rd place winner will win an 11"x14" 1.5" canvas print and 15% off all orders for a year

It's pretty easy to enter. Head on over to the Canvas Press Facebook page. If you haven't liked our page yet then go ahead and click on the "Like" button, then follow the instructions on entering and uploading your photo. If you win you can choose any photo you want to be printed on canvas. It doesn't have to be the one you entered.

We hope to see your photo in the contest!

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