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Congrats to Esther Lavonne! She Won the HGTV White Room Challenge

by Eric Von Lehmden | October 3, 2012

We just wanted to throw out a huge congratulations to one of our customers. Esther Lavonne was the latest winner of HGTV's White Room Challenge. The episode aired on Sept 28th. It is hosted by HGTV's David Bromstead. The show is based on a particular challenge that started from the HGTV Next Design Star show. The premise of the challenge is the designer is given a blank white room. 3 walls and a few pieces of generic furniture is all they have to start with. Each designer is given a specific amount of money to shop...and there is the twist. They don't go to regular furniture stores to furnish the room...no...each show there is a different theme store they must shop at to furnish the room. Shows in the past the designers shopped at a collectible store, a floral shop, a salvage yard, a candy store, and a light store. With only 30 minutes to shop the designers must think outside of that 3 wall box to creatively design an amazing room using what they purchased at that particular store, the existing generic furniture provided (hopefully repurposed in some brilliant way)...and paint.

In Esther's episode she had to purchase everything for her room from a restaurant supply store and if you saw the episode you know that her room was amazing. I wish HGTV would post some photos of the episode soon so we can show them off to you. Take a look at Esther's website atwww.estherlavonnedesign.com/. You can see how talented of a designer she is and you can see some creative ways to use photo and canvas prints in your decorating. We are so honored to have her as a customer.

Congrats again Esther! We are so excited for you!

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