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A Canvas Collage Will Get the Most Out of Your Canvas Prints

by Eric Von Lehmden | September 6, 2012

We understand that buying even one photo canvas can be a pretty large purchase for most people. This may be something you purchase once or twice a year. Maybe one canvas print for you and one as a gift. Here is an idea to maximize your photos on canvas by creating a canvas collage. A canvas collage is when you have multiple photos on one canvas. The trick is picking the right photos and the right amount of photos that will compliment each other won't look too busy either. If you have Photoshop you can do this fairly easily by creating a new file at the final size you would like the canvas to be (ie 20x30). Then you can start pulling in your photos and sizing them to fit inside that blank Photoshop file you created.

A few tips to follow

  • You can put as many photos in the collage as you would like but try to have a plan when you do so that photos aren't overlapping and covering important parts of other photos.
  • Fewer is sometimes better. Try a pair or trio of photos that take up equal parts of the canvas.
  • A square canvas makes for easy math. When you start with a square file in Photoshop you can make all of the photos in the collage square to make it easy to fit them in.
  • Distracting White-Space - this can happen when you have multiple photos that don't quite fit together and you have a large gap of nothing. This can throw off the whole design you are going after.

If you don't have Photoshop or any type of photo editing software at home do not worry. We are here to help you. We would be more than happy to design your canvas collage for you. We will provide you with a proof of the design for you approval before we print the project. You can call us to find out more details about how to start your photo canvas collage project at 888.784.5553.

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Tips-n-Tricks #329

If you accidentally delete photos from your camera's memory card or if an error message flashes...take out the card and do not use it until you purchase image recovery software. This type of software can sometimes recover over 100 lost photos that you thought were deleted. Not sure how they find these images, but it is comforting to know that there is still a chance you could get back those deleted photos.

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