Father's Day Gift Ideas: We Don't Think Dad Needs Another Tie

by Eric Von Lehmden | May 30, 2012

The year is absolutely flying by. We've hit Valentine's Day, Spring Break and Mother's Day already. Now school is out, summer is here (not officially, but if you are in Texas...it's here) and it is time to start thinking about what to get Dad for Father's Day. Dads are notoriously hard to shop for because they don't appreciate flowers like your Mom...or fine chocolates. The ole standby gifts are the "designer" tie or the gadget you bought out of Sky Mall that he may use once. We have an idea for what to get Dad...it's something he will love and appreciate for a long time. He will love this because it belongs to him...he can declare ownership of it. They are photos of you and your family printed as canvas prints. We know your dad would want these hanging in his office at work or in the bedroom at home. Maybe it's a few photos on canvas of the family or maybe it is some of his favorite vacation photos printed to canvas. Don't forget about his dream car...it seriously could be the next best thing to buying him that turbo charged Hemi coupe he has always wanted.

This is just a heads up, but we are planning a little something for you guys to make it easy to hit a home run for Dad this Father's Day. And in case you forgot...it is Sunday, June 17th. So just think about what photo or photos you think your dad would love to see as canvas prints. You have a little time and as always, if you need help narrowing down the selection of your dapper dad we are here to help.

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