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Father's Day Gift Idea

by Canvas Press | June 14, 2011

Father's Day is what some of us would refer to as the followup holiday for Mother's Day. However, at Canvas Press, we like to look at it as a day to celebrate everything different from Mother's Day.

Instead of celebrating baking cookies, or flowers, or making lovely greeting cards, Father's Day is a day to celebrate cookouts, fishing, and doing absolutely nothing. Who else is better at shrugging off doing the laundry? Or who is usually guilty for eating the last Girl Scout cookie but still placing the empty cookie box back in the pantry? Or better yet, dads are the best at acting like they had no idea the family dog had an accident in the living room carpet in order to avoid cleaning up the mess.

But before we dump on Dad for his supposed shortcomings when it comes to housework, his fatherly qualities outshine all else. Who's better at teaching you how to clean out the exhaust port on a Lawn-Boy mower? Dad. Who's always the first to vanquish even the ugliest of spiders? Dad. And who can develop some of the most unorthodox uses for duct tape? Dad.

So, for this Father's Day, we challenge you to go beyond the safe zone of getting Dad a new tie. Forget the golf supplies and tacky shirts. Get Dad something that is just for him, maybe even something that Mom would never approve of hanging on the wall. Whether it's a Gallery Wrap canvas of his favorite longhorn bull, or an Alumiprint of his latest hotrod addiction, Dad deserves a gift that makes him smile every time he walks past it in the man cave.

Dads, this one's for you. From all of us at Canvas Press, we appreciate all the dads out there keeping it real. Happy Father's Day!

*photo credit above: courtesy of Dustin Meyer


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