Canvas Press Customer Testimonial: Guest Room!

by Canvas Press | September 8, 2009



I have been a loyal customer to Canvas Press for approximately 1.5

years now, and absolutely love the service and the end result of my

picture (s).


We moved from Calgary, Alberta, The Woodlands, Texas, on

June 28th, 2007. We have been fortunate to have many friends and

family come to visit us. I had the idea to create a 'guest wall', in

the spare bedroom where our company stays. Anyone who comes to visit,

gets their photo on 'the wall'! When people first come and see the

wall, they become excited to soon be a part of the wall - and they are

more cooperative for photo shoots, as they know one of their mugs will

soon be on the wall!


Below is the end result - thus far!!! To be continued...


Thanks Canvas Press!


Jan Spratt




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Tips-n-Tricks #290

People are very self conscious about a double chin. A good way to avoid a double chin from appearing in photos is to have your subject bring their chin toward the camera (stretching their neck outward) and tell them to press their tongue to the roof of their mouth. Photograph them from slightly above to minimize the look. Yes, it feels awkward, but you can rarely see that in the photos.

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