A Puppy Remembered

by Canvas Press | April 30, 2009

Puppy Max After OilWorks


Puppy Max before OilWorks

We received the following email from a recent customer:

Dear Canvas Press staff,

I wanted you to know how much I loved my completed canvas. The subject of my canvas is my dog, Max. I lost Max to cancer on March 30, 2009. He had been my faithful companion for 15 years. I wanted a fitting tribute to him, and his finished canvas certainly fit the bill. I am just thrilled with the outcome. When I look at the canvas, Max looks so much like I remember him, it seems he could jump out to me. I placed his canvas in the center of the mantle over the fireplace, so that I can look at him every day.

You all were great to work with and very patient with me. Thank you for an outstanding job.



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Tips-n-Tricks #442

Some DSLRs have trouble with auto focusing in darker situations (ie events at night). If your lens can't capture focus on something try switching to manual focus and if you know you are usually about 10 feet away from your subject then move the lens to the 10ft mark on the barrel. Set your aperture for f4 or f5.6. This increases your chance to have most everything from 6-13 feet in focus (depending on your lens). And you will probably need to use your flash as well.

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