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Angela Valek - Photographer

by Caroline Cohoon | November 15, 2007

Photojournalist Angela Valek almost went into government work. In 2002, with just one semester to go towards her degree, she made a fatal mistake of taking a photography class. It turned her world upside down and she was hooked. To be truthful, she did end up in government work.

Her skills in photography landed her an internship at the White House Photo Office. After a successful internship she returned to the University of Texas in Austin, intent on finishing her degree - this time in photojournalism. A full time position in the White House Photo Office opened up and it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Valek became Photo Editor for the Vice Presidents office. She worked long days and nights during the 2004 campaign, documenting every event and every detail. She says the most special part of her job though was being in the White House during the Christmas season, "...from the parties to the decor, it was really amazing."

Eventually Valek returned to UT and got her degree in photojournalism. She has now been working as a freelance photographer in Austin since May 2006. Valek photographs weddings, events and portraits. She teaches photography throughout the year with the Art School at the Austin Museum of Art, and continues her own photojournalism projects. She also enjoys travel photography when she has the opportunity, creating a beautiful portfolio from a recent trip to Belize. "When I travel I try to... look for the moments that transcend location. I love capturing real... moments that can be universal."

Canvas Press helped Valek with a project for a local pediatrician's office. We printed seven large gallery wrap canvases, mostly 40x30 in size. These striking photos show children, some posed, some not, and they are all done with natural light. Dr. Anna Bell with the Pediatric Center of Round Rock in Austin (on West 38th Street) worked with Valek and together they chose photographs that would set a mood for the office. Valek says the doctor has a "warm spirit and we wanted the photos to reflect that warmth. We used kids of all ages so her patients could relate and see themselves in those photos." Valek's work shows the fun moments of childhood and they are proudly on display in the waiting room and exam areas.

Valek does most of her printing herself, but she is sometimes limited by size. After seeing an ad for Canvas Press she decided to try it out for larger pieces. She did some personal photos with us, and came back for help on this large scale project. "I loved that I could use an Austin based company for my future photo [and] canvas needs."

Photographs Courtesy Angela Valek. Copyright 2007.

Angela Valek Photography

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Tips-n-Tricks #106

If you are taking portraits or photos of your kids with your DSLR always try to focus on the eyes of your subject. The subjects eyes always need to be sharp in a photo. The rest of the photo can go blurry as long as your subjects eyes are sharp you will have an interesting photograph.

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