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Your Spring Break Adventure: Photo Tips & Ideas On What to do with them When You Get Home

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Spring Break is right around the corner for most kids from pre-school to college co-eds. This is a rite of passage for most high school and college students. They may be off to the beach or possibly get in a little skiing. Or, they may be stuck on Mom and Dad's couch for the week. No matter where you go (or don't go) for Spring Break you will be creating lasting memories and see amazing things...So don't forget your camera or at least take your iPhone or smartphone with you. If the beach is your destination for Spring Break here are a few photo tips to keep in mind while you are there.
  • When you are taking candid photos (photos where people aren't posing or looking at the camera) be sure you aren't taking photos of the back of people's heads. Try to get in close and time your pic carefully (laughing is always a great candid)
  • Posed photos - taking photos of your family or group of friends on the beach is definitely necessary, but can be a challenge because you are usually there in the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead. What's the solution...well, you are at the beach so sunglasses always work for the younger crowd. Try to find a spot that had any type of shade. An umbrella, a lifeguard stand, or even a passing cloud. As the day goes on try to face your group pics away from the sun for the most flattering light. Having the sun at their backs will prevent squinting and harsh shadows under their eyes.
  • Other Photo ops - Sunrise / Sunset on the beach. If you are on the East Coast or on the Gulf of Mexico that means getting up pretty dang early. But it is definitely worth doing at least one of the days you are at the beach. If you are at a West Coast beach you get to watch the sunset over the Pacific ocean. Be ready but patient with your camera...sunrises and sunsets can change dramatically in just a minute or two...then all of a sudden they are gone. The sand and ocean water itself can be fun to sure to pay attention to small details.beach sunrise, canvas photo prints, spring break, photo on canvascanvas prints, photo canvas, spring break, beach vacation
If you and your friends or your family are hitting the slopes for Spring Break then...well #1 is be careful. Here are a few more bits of wisdom
  • Taking a compact point and shoot or even using your iPhone on the slopes is going to be way easier to carry than a full DSLR and lens. Keep your camera in a zipped pocket (preferably on the inside of your pocket so it doesn't get wet.
  • Take advantage of the view. When you are at the top of the mountain take a breath, pull out your camera and try to photograph both wide landscapes and zoom in a little on nearby mountain tops. These can make for some breathtaking canvas prints once you get home.
  • Ski ahead of your friends or family, pick a SAFE spot to take photos of them as they come cruising by. Probably not the best idea to do on a double black diamond slope with moguls (especially if you are my Mom).
  • Take close ups of all your gear: snowboards and skis have a great shape to them. All the gear in the snow or leaning up against a fence makes for a pretty cool insert the whole gang into that shot and presto instant classic!
  • End of the run photos: After a long day on the slope make sure to get the weary group together for a group shot. If everyone is still wearing their skis and snowboards be sure to get full length of the whole canvas prints, spring break, mountain, ski trip, snowboard trip
And, if you are in High School or College and will be stuck at your parents house this Spring Break take advantage of everyone being gone. It's like you have the whole place to yourself...and the rest of us who have to work during Spring Break. If you have a car or know a friend who has a car go out and explore your city or town. Have your own little mini adventure. Even if it is for a day. Taking silly and fun photos along the way will be something you can remember that day by long after it's gone. Now, what to do with all these amazing photos once you are back. Here are just a few ideas for you.
  1. A collection of some small square canvas prints can make that beach trip come alive. Pick 3 or 4 of your favorite shots and crop them square (if you took them with Instagram then you are already set) and get them printed as 8x8's. Canvas Press can help you with your selection and with cropping if need be.
  2. Make a photo album. You likely took close to 300 photos on your trip...or if you are like me...1500. That is way to many to a photo canvas out of each one. These days there are several great options to make a personalized photo album. Blurb and Shutterfly are just two that I can think of right now. You can always do the old school route and buy an album to slide the photos in as well.
  3. Make a gift for your friends. Create custom postcards with an app called Postagram
  4. If canvas photo prints aren't your style you can always have us print your best shots on our Fine Art Photo Paper. I am still a little partial to framed photo prints. And hey, there is no rule out there saying you can't do both a photo print and a canvas print.