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What a Family Should Wear for Family Photos

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It’s family photo time again, and you might be stuck trying to figure out what everyone should wear so the photo will look balanced in both color and style. There’s nothing worse than looking at an old family portrait where everyone decided to wear red, but your favorite niece didn’t get the memo and wore pink instead! It’s bad enough trying to figure it out if you’re a family of four, but if your portrait will include extended family, it becomes even more of a nightmare trying to coordinate the look for multiple generations. There are, however, a few things you should consider when trying to plan out your photo look.


Before deciding on the most appropriate attire for your next photo shoot, think about what you want out of the picture. Do you want a fun, unusual style photo? Do you want a traditional portrait? Should it be formal? Casual? Is it centered around a holiday, such as Christmas, for example? Will the pictures be taken inside or will you be participating in an outdoor shoot? Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow down the focus and tone of the photo and allow you to make a good choice regarding the appropriate wardrobe for everyone who will be joining you.

Colors and Prints

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to a color scheme for your photos. The fact is, nearly any color will work, as long as the colors that everyone wears are harmonious. That doesn’t mean they should match – in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t want the entire gang in denim jeans and a white button up shirt. When it comes to colors, you also need to consider your surroundings. If your photo shoot will be outside in front of a row of pine trees, stay away from wearing green in your photos, because you won’t stand out and will blend in to the background too much. In terms of neutrals, white and black are fine as accents, but avoid them in large doses, as each of those colors can reflect the light in ways that’s not so flattering. Prints are perfectly fine, as long as the scale is right. Avoid large, busy prints and opt instead for smaller prints or thin stripes that will add a little dimension, but not be overwhelming to the eye.

Show Personality

Each person in your family photo has their own unique personality and you shouldn’t be afraid to allow it to show in your family photos. After all, you want those photos to capture a moment in time and part of that moment is showcasing who people are at a particular time in their lives. If the subject wouldn’t wear it in their day to day lives, they probably shouldn’t be wearing it in a memorable photo that will stand the test of time.


So, you may be asking yourself what some ideas are for a great photo color scheme. If, for example, you’re photo is being taken outside, add in some browns or tans with a pop of color, such as rust or plum. These colors will pop well against the grass or outdoor landscape. Denim is great for a casual look, but shouldn’t be exactly the same. It’s perfectly fine for you to wear your dark wash denim with a favorite blue shirt, while your spouse wears lighter-wash denim and a great-looking red shirt. Blue and red can create a great all-American look, as well. As long as you stick with colors that are complementary, you’ll create a fabulous look for the entire gang which will help to create a stunning portrait that the entire family will enjoy for years to come. digital photography, family portrait ideas, family portrait wardrobe, what to wear family portraits digital photography, family portrait ideas, family portrait wardrobe, what to wear family portraits digital photography, family portrait ideas, family portrait wardrobe, what to wear family portraits