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Upcoming Trends in Wall Décor

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Home design and décor is a constantly evolving medium, and it can often be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. You probably already have classic and timeless pieces of wall art that you want to keep, either because you absolutely love them or they hold precious memories that you cherish. On the flip side, you want to be as trendy as possible, too! It’s perfectly okay to mix in some of those trendier items with your beloved treasures to create a space that’s uniquely your own. Incorporate some new trends and you just might find yourself staring at the walls all day long (whether that’s a good thing or not is debatable.)

wall letters, decorating tips, decorating ideas, decorating trends, wall decor, wall decorating, wall artReused Items

You’re probably already aware of this, but these days, it’s really all about going green and being as eco-friendly as possible. Perhaps you already recycle your paper and plastics routinely. Maybe you’re reducing your energy consumption at home, too. While those things are all well and good, don’t hesitate to look in other directions to go green, as well. Reusing existing items in new and unexpected ways is one of THE hottest trends in wall décor today. From thrift store dinner plates to salvaged wood, the creative possibilities are endless. Don’t look at those old items as they are; instead, look at them for what they have the potential to be. Some of the most amazing art installations have been created by upcycling everyday objects, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Words and Letters

Adding inspirational words to your space has been an extremely hot trend in the expansive world of wall décor lately. And why not? These little snippets can range from a single word of inspiration to a full quote of advice and offer constant reminders that are both meaningful and interesting. If words just aren’t your cup of tea, what about using letters instead? Varying letters, in different sizes and colors, create an amazing visual collage when grouped together on your wall. To create a display that provides visual interest, don’t be afraid to mix materials, such as wood and metal, for an amazingly eclectic display.

antique maps, decorating tips, decorating ideas, decorating trends, wall decor, wall decorating, wall artMaps

Whether you’re a world traveler or you’ve never actually left your home state, maps offer an immediate glimpse into another world, right from the comfort of your favorite easy chair. Cartographers the world over worked diligently to create amazing maps of our world, and the truth is, cartography is an art in and of itself. Whether you opt for full color, modern maps or vintage-style maps with rich, sepia tones, a map on your wall can tell a story – one that you’ve already lived or one that you’ve yet to enjoy!

custom wallpaper, decorating tips, decorating ideas, decorating trends, wall decor, wall decorating, wall artWallpaper Murals

Don’t panic – this is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Instead, custom wallpaper and wallpaper murals are custom creations that can be printed on a variety of textured material. This offers an unparalleled flexibility that you’ll come to enjoy. As with any artwork, scale is important in relation to your wall, and with a custom wallpaper, you’ll have no problem finding a size to cover that massive and bare living room wall or that tiny one beside the closet. Take a look at Canvas Press’ EasyStick option that is self adhesive and repositionable, allowing you the utmost in flexibility with your wall décor.