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How to Transfer Photos to Canvas - Order Custom Canvas Prints

by | | Canvas Press

As summer draws to a close, families across the nation begin to prepare for the holidays with large get-togethers and celebrations. Group photos are an important part of most traditions. Thanks to photos on canvas, we now have a way to save and appreciate important photos in a unique and appealing way. In this article, we’ll help you understand how to transfer photos to canvas in an easy step-by-step guide, giving you the ability to order custom canvas prints and showcase your special times with family and friends. Step One: Take a Fantastic Photo Whether you’re enjoying a meal together as a family, an event with friends, or just precious moments with your children, it isn’t hard to find a fantastic photo opportunity. Make sure to always have your camera handy so that you can snap the special moments when they take place. If you’re hosting a large get-together, you can plan to have a group photo for your canvas; however, spontaneous moments also offer great opportunities for canvas photos. Make sure that you choose a picture that represents everyone in your group and holds a special place in your heart. Thanks to our easy-to-use canvas designer software, you can upload any kind of picture of your choice, whether it was taken by a professional photographer or snapped with your smartphone. Step Two: Choose Your Canvas Depth When you begin the process of putting your photo on canvas, you will start by choosing the depth of your canvas piece. The depth simply means how far your canvas will stick out when it is displayed on a wall. While this may not seem like an important option, it sets the tone for your piece of art. The thicker the depth, the bolder your canvas appears. Later in the design process, you can choose to either have the sides of your canvas wrapped with the image or a solid color. Step Three: Upload Your Photo Once you’ve decided on a canvas depth, it is time to start uploading your photo to our design software. If you know where the image is located on your computer, the upload process is extremely simple and is finished in a matter of seconds. Make sure that you choose a picture that is high-quality – the better the quality of your photo, the more professional your canvas will appear. Step Four: Edit the Canvas When you upload your photo, it is put onto a virtual canvas. Although this canvas is simply an image on your screen, you can use it to design your piece and make it exactly what you want. Using the software, drag the image to fit the canvas, zoom in when necessary, and resize the canvas to hang perfectly on your wall. The “options” and “extras” tabs offer additional canvas editing tools such as the ability to choose between more impressive canvas materials, colors, enhancements, and touch-ups. You can also add text to your canvas to help commemorate the occasion or include important dates or names. All these options will help you order a custom canvas print that you'll love. If you encounter any problems while designing your canvas, feel free to give the staff at Canvas Press a call – we’re anxious to help you transfer your photo to canvas and make it the best it can be! Step Five: Place Your Order Just like that, your canvas is done! It’s now time to order your custom canvas print and wait for your special art piece to arrive in the mail. Since we want you to receive your canvas as soon as possible, you can expect to get it in as little as two to three days after placing your order. Step Six: Display Your Canvas Once you’ve received your canvas, you can hang it up like any other picture. We offer three options for hanging your photo: saw-tooth hangers, wire hangers, and security hangers. Commemorate an Event as a Gift Photos are one of the ways that we hold onto the precious memories from the past. If you’ve got a beautiful photo that you can’t wait to add to a canvas, you might consider making duplicates to give away as gifts. Photos on canvas are the perfect present for any kind of event such as wedding, birthday, Christmas, or simply to let someone know you were thinking of them. A piece of canvas art is a unique and refined way to display your most important photos. Thanks to our design software, putting photos on canvas is a simple process that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, giving you the chance to start enjoying your special memories so much sooner!