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Tips for Framing a Canvas Print | Canvas Press

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framing canvas prints We recently had a question asked by a few of our amazing customers about the most effective way to frame their canvas prints. Hopefully I can shed a little light on the subject. As you may already know, we offer three different depths for a framed canvas photo print. You can choose either a .75", 1.5", 2" depth canvas or an non-stretched canvas. Any one of these three stretched options could be hung on the wall by themselves without any frame and would look fantastic. That does not mean that you can't frame your canvas print. There are several reasons why you might want to choose to frame your canvas. Personal taste and matching existing decor in your home are two of the most common reasons for framing a canvas print. If you would like to look at the possibility of framing your photo canvas here are a few things to keep in mind. framing photos on canvas

You Don't Need Glass to Frame Canvas Prints

Our canvas has a beautiful sheen that is there to protect the canvas from UV light, scratches and scuffs. So there is no need to put glass in front of the canvas. You want to be able to see the rich texture of the canvas material and if you put it behind glass you will just be hiding it. If you have a frame you already purchased that you would like to use simply recycle the glass for a different project.

Framing .75" Depth Canvas Prints

Our 3/4" canvas will fit into most traditional frames you find at a frame shop or hobby store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. We also have a selection of frames that you can choose from. You may need some special hardware to secure the canvas print into the back of the frame. Framing your .75" depth canvas gives a nod to the classical painters and the paintings you see in museums all over the world. Many of the old masters like Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso framed their painted canvas in the same way. With frame choices varying from traditional to ornate to modern you can dress up your canvas prints to match your style.

framing photos on canvasThis frame is one you can purchase with a canvas print from Canvas Press.

Framing 1.5" Depth Canvas Prints

Really? You can frame a 1.5" thick canvas print? Yes...yes we can. They are called Float Frames. The canvas sits inside the frame in a fashion where it looks like it is floating inside the frame. It is a unique way to dress up your 1.5" canvas prints. We offer 4 different color choices for our float frames: Matte Black, Black with Silver trim, Silver, and White. A float frame on a canvas can give an upscale gallery feel to your one of a kind canvas print.

framing photos on canvasThis is an option for a float from from Canvas Press.

Right now we do not have an option to frame our 2" depth canvas prints. They really do stand on their own and if you choose a color border (especially black), you almost get the feeling of a framed piece. If you have ordered a non-stretched canvas from us and would like to get it framed without getting it stretched first then your best bet may be to put get it mounted onto a rigid backing. You still will not want to put a piece of glass in front of it. Most frame or hobby stores can mount your non-stretched canvas onto something like foam-core that you can then frame yourself. I hope you found this helpful when deciding if you should frame your next photo canvas. We are always here to help you at 888.784.5553. Get started on your next project -

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