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The Versatility of Oversized Art in the Home

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That blank wall in your living room screams out to be decorated. How can you create an attractive scene for this blank space? Hanging oversized wall art upon it is the perfect solution! Oversized wall art can make a home feel like an art gallery! It infuses your home with flair and adds interest to the room that the piece hangs in. Big art work creates a big statement! When using oversized art pieces, be aware of some recommendations to follow when choosing your piece. This artwork will be the focal point of any room. Be smart and confident when choosing wall art, and its location in your home. What is the best way to display oversized artwork in your home? Are there other factors to consider when choosing a piece of oversized art?

Are you considering adding an oversized piece of wall art?

Wonderful! These pieces fill an empty wall, enhancing the look of a room. Oversized art commands attention from visitors when placed in the right manner. Begin by choosing an piece of art you are confident about, that speaks to you, or has special meaning. This piece helps combine the elements of the room in which it is placed. Have you found artwork you like? Great! Now where should you place this piece in your home? The decision is yours alone; however, the majority of oversized art pieces are displayed in owner’s living rooms. This piece needs to be displayed in a room where furniture won’t appear dwarfed next to the picture, and nor will it overpower the artwork. Create a balance between your furniture and the oversized wall art, in order to achieve the perfect look. Possibly hang the oversized wall art where nothing is in front of the picture. This allows visitors to get the full effect of the picture. When displaying an oversized piece of art, the rest of the decorations in the room should be kept minimal, increasing the effect of the picture. Another technique uses colors from the oversized wall art in decorating the room. This technique compliments the artwork, infusing it into the room. If the room you choose for the oversized wall art is already colorful, don’t fret! You can choose a black and white print. Contrasting a brightly colored room with a black and white piece of artwork will make the oversized piece stand out! Benefits from owning an oversized piece of art are that it can define a room, start conversations and simply wow people due to shear size!

Do it in the bedroom and dining room too!

Oversized wall art can be appealing when hung in the dining room and bedroom. The piece exudes ambiance during mealtimes and can add a sense of calm or excitement to the bedroom depending on the type of artwork you choose. In order to achieve harmony in the dining room, look for a piece that isn’t the exact shade of the colors in your dining room but a variation of those colors. The colors will be in the same family, thus creating a sense of fluidness. Should the colors in your dining room be monochromatic and understated, a bold, oversized print will liven the room up! Using colors which are polar opposites from the established vibe in a room actually works quite well! Unexpected differences from introducing an oversized art piece result in the print appearing more pronounced! If you are considering purchasing an oversized piece of wall art, use these tips when deciding on the type of wall art best suited for your home. These pieces bring a lot of attention, so choose carefully!
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