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The Artist’s Guide to Online Video

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Many of our customers are artists or art hobbyists who use canvas printing as a cost effective way to reproduce their work. The artist photographs or scans his or her original and uploads the digital version to Canvas Press will photograph your art if you drop it by our store front at 33 Cypress Blvd Ste 100, Round Rock, Texas 78665. It seems one of the challenges an artist faces is generating publicity for his or her work therefore I decided to share an article I found on (

Videoblogging isn't just for teenyboppers with Flips. It's a simple way professional creatives can make use of high traffic sites like YouTube() to showcase their work and communicate with their audience in a fun and effective way. The article lists 5 ways artists can use YouTube:

  1. Tell a story – Tell the story of how each of your works came to fruition including what inspired you as well as the work's subject matter.
  2. Make a tutorial video – Share your knowledge and see the positives you get in return.
  3. Make videos about YOU – Put a personality to your crafts.
  4. Make your painting videos art – Set up the tri-pod and record while you create.
  5. Make testimonial videos – Share videos of art shows, collectors' comments and fans.