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Prices on Our Canvas Prints...Cut

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custom canvas prints We’ve gone and done it. The prices on our canvas prints have been cut. I heard that gasp. We know we have never been the cheap option for printing your photos on canvas. We have competitors out there who steadily sell discounted canvas prints. Some of them seem to have a Groupon…every…single…week. And we aren’t going to lie. It can be hard to compete with that steady barrage of discount after discount. Especially when we know how much it actually takes to deliver something that is handcrafted, made in the USA, while paying special attention to each order that comes to us. Instead of caving and getting all of our canvas from China or using stretcher bars made out of MDF, we have decided to tighten up our belts and reduce our pricing. We are doing this while still keeping the same quality product you are used to. This price reduction will affect our .75", 1.5" and non-stretched canvas. You will see upwards of a 25% reduction in both custom and standard sizes from what has been posted in the past. We hope this change in prices will make a museum quality canvas print more affordable for everyone. Why should just artists and fine art photographers have all the fun? If you are a customer of ours please know how much we value you. We are doing this for you as well. We are fortunate to have customers who shout our names from the rooftops. If our new pricing produces a few more of those customers (or even ones who just like to whisper to their neighbor) we would love it. If you have any questions regarding the new pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us at or you can always give us a call at 888.784.5553. Thanks again for your continued support and for helping spread the word about what we do.