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Follow These 21 Photography Blogs to Enhance Your Own Photos

by | | Canvas Press

Angle. Perspective. Lighting. Subject. These are all things you probably take into account when capturing the perfect photograph. But there’s so much more to taking great shots than that! If you’re interested in sharpening your photography skills, we have a list of 21 blogs that provide excellent ideas, tips, and tricks of the trade to help you out. Gather inspiration from these websites to enhance your own photography capabilities. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole library full of photos that would serve as awesome canvas prints!

1. Advancing Your Photography

Photography Blogs 1 This blog is by Marc Silber, a seasoned expert specializing in travel photography. Silber’s blog features a gallery for inspiration along with books, videos and instructional articles geared towards enhancing your own photography skills.

2. Photography Spark

As a business blog, it is targeted towards photographers looking to turn their skills into a business. Photography Spark offers advice on working with clients, staging photo shoots, marketing your work and more. They also have giveaways!

3. The Wandering Lens

Specializing in travel photography, Australian photographer Lisa Michele Burns provides location guides and other helpful hints for capturing images while abroad.

4. Drizzle and Dip

Photography Blogs 4 If you love photographing food, check out this blog by South African photographer Sam Linsell. It has tips for capturing dishes in their best light, in addition to staging table settings, restaurant snapshots and more.

5. Lin and Jirsa

Photography Blogs 5 Created by an Orange County wedding photographer, this site has a gorgeous gallery of culturally diverse wedding and engagement images for fantastic visual inspiration.

6. Photo-eye Blog

Photography Blogs 6 This resource provides access to interviews with many different photographers about featured collections and the inspiration behind their work.

7. Wetpixel

Photography Blogs 7 This blog is focused on underwater photography, offering advice on gear, trips and locations of interest.

8. Camera Jabber

Photography Blogs 8 Led by a community of photographers, this site provides advanced tutorials, buyer’s guides, accessory lists and more.

9. Strobist

Photography Blogs 9 Learn how to take advantage of light in your photographs with this blog run by an experienced lighting professional.

10. Loaded Landscapes

This site is all about scenery—learn how to capture the perfect landscape image with helpful articles, destination lists, gear reviews and more.

11. Karl Taylor’s Photography Blog

Photography Blogs 11 You can access online photography courses, tutorials and live shows organized by subject matter with this educational blog aimed at teaching the craft.

12. Photography Bay

Photography Blogs 12 Stay updated with the latest deals on cameras, new editing technology and camera accessories with this no-nonsense blog.

13. Stuck In Custom

Photography Blogs 13 Get inspired to create awesome travel photography. Along with entertaining commentary, Trey Ratcliff shares his unique photography tricks.

14. Photography Concentrate

Photography Blogs 14 Pick up easy-to-read resources on all things related to photography—tips and tricks, filtering tools, camera modes and more.

15. Eric Kim Photography Blog

Photography Blogs 15 Offering a unique take on photography, Kim provides articles that focus on the process of creating great art. Advantages of monochrome shots are explored in this blog.

16. iPhone Photography School Blog

Photography Blogs 16 If you’re using an iPhone to take photos, definitely check out this blog, which offers editing, filter and setting advice specific to iPhone technology.

17. EyeEm

Photography Blogs 17 Based out of Berlin, this blog features work from artists around the globe, offering insights into visual news stories captured by thoughtful photographic images.

18. ShootProof Blog

Photography Blogs 18 Gather practical tips for capturing your best photos with this abundant library of articles, curated by professional photographers.

19. Tuts Photography

Photography Blogs 19 Fine tune your photographs with post-production retouching, editing and filtering advice, provided through a plethora of detailed, instructional articles.

20. The Snap Society

Photography Blogs 20 This blog features a neat weekly challenge that offers specific photography tips, motivating you to get out there and take photos on your own.

21. Beautiful Flower Pictures Blog

Photography Blogs 21 If you’re interested in enhancing your close-up shots of the great outdoors, follow this blog for the ultimate in floral photography inspiration. Let these incredible blogs inspire so you can take your own amazing images. Before you know it, you’ll be sending tons of work to be printed on canvas for your own in-home gallery!