If you haven't heard of who Vivian Maier is or even if you have you should watch this documentary. Vivian Maier was a nanny for many families here in the United States. She herself was from Great Britain. On her off days from being a nanny she would take her camera and head our onto the streets of Chicago. She would capture the life and characters on the street. This was long before the term "Street Photographer" was ever coined. Her work was not even known about until after her death. Over 150,000 photographs of mostly undeveloped film was found in a Chicago storage unit and auctioned off. Her amazing work is now being celebrated as one of the best street photographers of all time. Not much is known about this nanny with a camera and an artistic eye, but this documentary sheds a little light on who this woman was and a more in depth look at some of the amazing photos she took over the years. This is part one of the BBC Documentary. We will post the 2nd part as soon as it is available. In the meantime do a little search on your own for Vivian Maier's work and you will be inspired and astonished that someone with this talent was largely unknown for so long. Largely in part due to her privacy and not really sharing her love for taking photographs with anyone else. It makes you think who else is out there that has that kind of story. And would it be the same kind of story if she were still alive? I would like to think so. The video is just under an hour long, but is well worth the watch. I think Ms. Maier's work is the ultimate testament that you can take photos for yourself because it make you happy. If you share it that is great, but it is also fine to take personal satisfaction with creating something and keeping it to yourself.
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