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How To Make Canvas Prints with iPhone 5 Panoramic Feature

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You have probably seen the commercials. Apparently more photos are taken each day on an iPhone than any other camera in the world. And one of the coolest features on the iPhone 5 (and with the 4s upgrade) is the ability to take incredible panoramic photos. Once you have mastered taking them (which takes a little practice), the question is what to do with those panoramic photos after you have created them? These can be relatively large files that can take up quite a bit of your phone's storage space. So how do you go about making those panoramic photos into canvas prints that you can enjoy in your home or office? Here are a few important things to remember. canvas prints from iPhone, iPhone images to canvas prints Download the panoramic image you would like to have printed onto canvas onto your computer. There are several ways to do this. On a PC you can plug your camera in via the USB cable. After iTunes pops up you can close it (make sure you let iTunes pop up...that is what recognizes the phone to access the photos). You should then see the phone pop up as a device on your file explorer and you can access your photo folders from there. On a mac, plug in your phone via USB and open Preview and click on File and you should see "import photos from Your Name's iPhone". My favorite way to transfer photos onto my computer is to use a free app called Wifi Photo Transfer. Check it is a relatively painless way to get photos off your phone pretty quickly. Now you have your photo on your computer you can order your panoramic photo canvas just like you would any other canvas print from us. But the question remains...How big can I print this panoramic? Part of that answer depends on how long of a pano you took. The most important thing about your panoramic image from an iPhone is that the only limitation of the image quality would have to do with the height of the photo. That is because of how the iPhone takes the panoramic image. It is basically stitching together several individual photos taken as you move it along that line. Then it is compressing it to make it a manageable file size for your phone. Not to worry though. We can easily print those photos at least 10 inches high if not 15...and that could sometimes make the width of the canvas prints somewhere in the 3 feet to 5 feet range. Again, that depends on how wide the original photo is. If you stayed on that line for quite a long time then the panoramic canvas print will be short on height, but very wide...and if you were only on that line for a short while your image could be a little taller in height and not as wide. All of that has to do with aspect ratio...and I'm not a math whiz and I don't want to embarrass myself trying to communicate that to you. The bottom line is that you can make canvas prints that are up to 5-6 feet long with no problem from your photos with the iPhone 5 panoramic feature. If you still aren't convinced then send us the file you have a question about and we will size it out for you. Contact us at or use our Free Image Consultation or if you are ready to get started with your next panoramic canvas print head over to our site and get started: