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Why You Should Order Only High-Quality Canvas Art Wall Prints

by | | Canvas Press

Canvas is much more than a piece of décor to fill an empty wall—rather, it’s a platform to express true individuality and celebration for fine, emotionally powerful images that can inspire, motivate and strike joy. So instead of picking up a low-grade, mass-produced piece, it’s worth it to invest in a provider who can deliver high-quality canvas art wall prints for your home and place of work. But how do you know what to look for? Here’s a guide to the characteristics present in high-quality canvas prints.

Sharp Edges

High Quality Canvas 1 An obvious sign of low-grade production is folded, bumpy or overhanging edges. This is a huge red flag! High-quality canvas art wall prints demonstrate sharp edges. Folding and stapling should be precise, lined up perfectly with the edges of the frame.

True Colors

High Quality Canvas 2 You also want to compare the image quality from screen to print. This means looking at the digital image on your computer monitor compared with the printed image. Do the colors match exactly? If not, this can be a huge issue when it comes to ordering prints, as the color tones may not meet your expectations. Ask your provider to see a sample of digital display and printed color hues to ensure you’re getting a high-quality canvas art wall print.

Streak-Free and Blotch-Free Printing

Streaks, dots, and blotches are incredibly distracting from a piece of artwork, so they should be absolutely nonexistent when it comes your canvas (unless these marks are artistic elements already present in the piece). Details truly matter, so be sure to inspect the quality of printing.

Design Choices

High Quality Canvas 3 One sign that you’re working with a high-quality canvas art wall prints provider is that you will have lots of design choices available for you to consider. Working with canvas is an art form, so you shouldn’t need to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Canvas thickness, border styles, and finishing options are all factors that influence the final product, and a high-quality canvas provider will give you options for each of these elements.


In addition to having design choices, a high-quality canvas provider will enable you to use photos from a variety of sources, not just a finite database of stock photos. Whether you store your favorite photos on your phone, laptop, cloud or camera, you should be able to transfer the images you want to use for your high-quality canvas art wall print.

Ability to Scale

High Quality Canvas 4 Another great tool that professionals have available is the ability to scale photos without losing proper proportions. High-quality canvas art wall prints come in a variety of sizes and shapes and working with a team of experts enables you to choose the dimensions of the canvas that will fit the designated wall best, even if the image provided is smaller. A skilled provider will be able to scale the photo to size without losing the correct proportions.

Hardware for Hanging Displays

High Quality Canvas 5 Another telltale sign of a cheap print is flimsy hardware haphazardly attached to the back of the frame. Remember, this print will be hanging in the home or office, so there should be no risk that it falls, causing damage or harm. Only solid hardware that you can trust will be fixed to a high-quality canvas.


And finally, the production process is essential when identifying a high-quality canvas piece. Is it mass-produced with hundreds of the same image quickly shuffled down a production line? Or is it carefully constructed by a team of seasoned experts who appreciate the importance of precision when creating artwork? Clearly, the latter setting is what you should prefer for the production process of high-quality canvas. When you are deciding on a provider, don’t hesitate to discuss these critical characteristics with them. Be sure you are working with true professionals when designing, ordering and installing your high-quality canvas art wall print.