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Halloween Canvas Prints and Canvas Wall Art Ideas

by | | Canvas Press

Canvas wall art is an excellent way of decorating your home, adding a fresh, styled look to your interior design. However, canvas prints are incredibly versatile and many of their advantages make them perfect for seasonal decorating. The customizable, affordable nature of canvas prints in comparison to framed art make them perfect for decorating your home during Halloween. The Halloween season is fairly short-lived since Thanksgiving and Christmas, two major holidays for nearly every family, is right around the corner. Lovers of Halloween (or holidays in general) tend to really enjoy going all out to bring a bit of Autumnal spookiness into their home. Canvas prints are durable and can be used season after season for a number of years. They add a much more grown-up, artistic approach to Halloween decor and can easily be stored away once the season is over. There are an unlimited number of ways you can use canvas prints to bring that Halloween spirit to your walls, but here are 6 creative ideas to get you started.

Try Spooky or Fun Halloween Quotes

When you think of canvas prints you often think of photography or art, but don't forget about how fun quotes can be. Halloween is a great season for featuring some spooky quotes on canvas as decor, whether it's a simple quote in a creative font or art accompanied by a quote. You could feature a Halloween-appropriate poem, lyrics from a song, or a quote from your favorite Halloween movie. An excellent decorating idea for a quote canvas print is to pair it with other prints in a grid format. For example, you could have 4 prints placed together, which one pair of diagonals featuring quote and the other pair as art. Don't forget that you can play with the color on the canvas as well.

Go Subtle with a Seasonal Landscape

If you enjoy Halloween but aren't too keen on bringing it inside, a great way of welcoming the fall season without going overboard is to choose canvas prints with a seasonal landscape. This could be art (i.e. a print of a drawing or painting) or photography. A seasonal landscape could highlight a scenic view of a grove of trees changing color or a foggy dirt road in the woods. Another idea would be a classic photo of a pumpkin patch. Art of a gnarled, dead tree may seem more Halloween-appropriate without necessarily trying to look scary.

Show Off Prints of Loved Ones Art

Another great idea for family-friendly Halloween canvas art is to have custom prints of your family's Halloween art printed. If you have children that have made fun Halloween art the previous year you can have them printed to showcase the following season. You could even have a family night or a night with friends where you create Halloween-theme wall art painting or drawings for future printing. You could also print a photograph of your own carved pumpkins. Having canvas prints allows you to properly store originals as a keepsake, without risking damaging them by re-hanging every season.

Art Nouveau Adds a Vintage Touch

Vintage art is often popular, adding a fun approach to any kind of art. Vintage halloween art is fairly tame and not often aimed at horror. They usually use more subtle color palettes and are more family-friendly. A simple online search will yield a number of different vintage and art nouveau Halloween art you can have printed on canvas. If you enjoy vintage art, pin-up or art styled like you'd see in comics, you can certainly find Halloween themes for these as well. This style of art as canvas prints really looks traditional and more like art than a simple Halloween decoration.

Grayscale Art Adds Instant Festivity

Halloween a season where orange runs rampant, but black and white are two classic colors that will always be associated. If you want a more artistic approach to themed canvas prints, then sticking with art in grayscale is perfect. Grayscale makes just as much of an impact and is, needles to say, very appropriate for added spookiness in your home decor. Grayscale art is always very neutral, so it will blend into your home much more easily while still making a strong impression. Grayscale prints are always great if you do go all out decorating your home during Halloween but don't want to add too much color everywhere. Halloween is an exciting season and there is no reason why you can't bring some of that energy indoors. Canvas prints are the perfect way of bringing Halloween into your home, especially if you plan on throwing some Halloween-themed parties and get-togethers. Unlike cheap Halloween decor from the store, your Halloween canvas prints will be able to be store and reused for many, many more years.