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Get Your Green Photos on Canvas...and Don't Get Pinched

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Growing up, I would always forget to wear green on St. Paddy's Day. I would scramble once I got to school to see if I could pin any thing green onto my shirt or pants. It never failed. Everyone would ask, "Where is your green? You aren't wearing any green." I would always use the same lame excuse so that I wouldn't get pinched "Oh, well my underwear is green". Now you know a little more about me than you probably wanted to, but I was in a sharing mood. And since today is St. Patrick's Day and the first day of Spring is quickly approaching (20th) I thought it might be a great time to do a blog post on how to take pictures for potential Green photos on canvas. Have you heard of those studies that attribute feelings and emotions to different colors? Well, here is what they have to say about the color, green. The color Green promotes harmony and balance according to chromatherapy studies. It also symbolizes nature and tranquility. The color Green has long been used in decorating to give a calming effect. Those are a few of the holistic and psychological benefits of the color green what are some of the best ways to capture that and display it as photos on canvas? Here are a few ideas that popped into my head when thinking about what kind of canvas prints could I make that feature the color green. Some will be extremely obvious so don't hold it against me.

Shades of green in nature (that is the obvious one)

Yes, it is obvious. But the challenge is doing it creatively. Sure you could go snap a photo of some grass and throw it on a canvas and call it a day, but I don't think you would get too much enjoyment out of it. This creative exercise can open your eyes to all the different shades of green that surround us every day. Watch how the light effects the leaves of a tree or even a bush in your front yard. Take a super close up of just one leaf so you can see the intricate texture on it. Or even shine a bright light behind a leaf to expose it's network of veins. You will quickly have some unique photos on canvas with a "green" focus. nature photos on canvas nature photos on canvas

Greens in architecture

When I use the term architecture it can be anything from a green door to layers of green paint that are peeling off the side of an abandoned building to a city skyscraper with green tinted glass that reflects a green sky. Again, think in both wide angle and close ups when photographing color in architecture. Some of my favorite photos that pop with color (green or otherwise) have some element of architecture in them. old paint photos on canvas

Green still lifes

Taking a photo of a still life is a simple way to create some unique green photos on canvas. Look around your house for something green. It could be a head of lettuce or a green garden statue. Place your object in window light with a neutral backdrop (hang a blanket or a sheet behind your subject) and photograph away. flower photos on canvas Any one of these these ideas can get you started on getting some green into your home. And I am only picking green since today happens to be St. Patrick's Day. You apply these same ideas to any color you choose. In fact you could do a photography study on several colors and display them as photos on that is an interesting idea.