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Show Your Puppy Love with Dog Canvas Prints

by | | Canvas Press

When it comes to canvas prints, most consumers imagine creating artwork with photos of their kids or recent vacation landscapes. One area that is often overlooked is pets! Dog canvas prints, cat photos, and other pets can easily be used to decorate your home. You love your pets, so why not show them off in a unique way! Each pet has a personality that you know and love. Capture it on film and turn the photo into an amazing canvas print you can hang in the home.

Selecting The Right Photo

With cameras advancing via smartphones and editing apps at the ready, it is not difficult to take photos and create something amazing featuring your pets. If you are like most pet owners, you already have a ton of pics on your phone featuring your dog or cat. Take a look at your image collection. Check the focus of each image you have. The quality needs to be good with no blurriness, poor lighting or grainy effect. With a clear image, it will transfer well on to the canvas, helping you to create a lovely piece of art for your home. When you have a blurry image, once transferred to a large canvas, the image looks grainy or poor quality. Find an image that truly captures your pet’s personality. When you hang Dog Canvas Prints, the image will capture everyone’s attention who visits your home. You want to choose a photo that is of the highest quality and insights compliments from everyone who sees it. Consider running your image through a basis editor to clean it up a bit. With a basic editor, you can correct any color issue, balance the lights and darks of the image, creating a better quality photo once completed. You can even crop your photo to create the perfect closeup for your new canvas piece!

Capturing the Perfect Image

If you want to start from scratch to create the perfect dog canvas prints, then consider a few helpful tips. First, when using a camera, choose burst mode. This will take several images of your pet at one time. For the most part, you should be able to capture a cool photo of your pet showing off an expression or being silly. The best way to take a photo of an animal is to get on their level. Get on the ground, be it sitting or on your knees, and hold the camera close to the ground. This way, you have a pet point of view and will be able to capture the animal correctly.


When taking the photos, think about how you get your pet to cooperate. Perhaps you need to play with them or have a treat handy. You know your pet best so think of ways you can get them to interact with you and the camera. If your pet is in a better mood in the morning, take your images then. You want to have fun with your pet and ensure they have a good time as you are completing the photo session. Avoid the flash! This is another big tip to remember. When you are taking photos of your pet and you use the flash, it can lead to red-eye in your images. The shot is then ruined, and your pet can also suffer. The light from a flash is intense. Your pet may be shocked or confused when the flash takes them by surprise. Always turn off your flash and rely on natural light to provide a quality setting for your next photo session. When taking photos of your pet, remember to have fun. Don’t look at it as work or a chore. Of course, you want to achieve the best photos so you can have dog canvas prints for your home, but just remember to enjoy your time with your pet in the process. If you go about the photo session by simply having fun, your images will be genuine, and you are sure to capture exactly what you are looking for to create your next art piece. And even if you don’t get the perfect photo, at least you had a good time running around with your pet!