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Customer Highlight - Brian Lackey's Custom Canvas Prints

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custom canvas prints Brian's custom canvas prints orders always catch our eye. He has been a customer since 2009 and his work continues to wow us. Brian lives in Fort Collins, CO and based on his body of work you can tell that he loves to be outside soaking in the environment with his camera. We invite you to check out his website at We are showing off some of his landscape photos that he made into custom canvas prints, but as you can see on his website he is also a talented architectural photographer. The work that Brian has had printed on canvas ranges as well. We have seen landscapes, portraits (both commercial and family), and architectural. We like to think that the versatility of our canvas prints has something to do with that. We salute you Brian. Thank you for your continued support. custom canvas printsSome of my personal favorites of Brian's work are his barns. He manages to include an interesting landscape around the barns. And each one has it's own...let's call it "personality". custom canvas printsThis photo makes me want to be in this field next to this barn at this exact time of day. Catching the sun flare and keeping some detail on the front of the barn isn't easy to do. The crispness of the colors helps make this photo more contemporary than country. custom canvas printsDon't you want to just take a walk through this birch tree forest? custom canvas printsThe timing it took to create this unique architectural photograph is perfect. Incorporating the changing color of the sky while getting the lights inside the building to take effect is fantastic. custom canvas printsI don't think Bob Ross could paint this any better. custom canvas printsThere is an almost endless feeling to this photo that draws me in. I love the high contrast black and white of this usually ordinary scene. The dramatic sky adds interest to the photo too. custom canvas printsWe will end with just a super cute portrait of this little cowboy. Great work Brian.

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