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Canvas Press Photo Contest - Flowers

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canvas press photo contest This is April after all. The month we typically see Spring allowing these beautiful blooms to happen. I absolutely love taking photos of flowers. It is kind of tough for me not to enter this contest. I can't (that would be a conflict of interest), but you definitely can. In the photography world, flowers might not seem that exciting a subject. I would disagree. I think that sometimes the simple, most popular and most photographed subjects (ie flowers) are often the types of subjects needed to help a photographer stretch their creativity. That and they are really pretty ;-D Enter your most creative photos of flowers. Can't wait to see what comes in. Fields of color, a still life of a single flower, super close ups, fine art looking black and whites, exotic birds of paradise or the common daisy. Any of these could be the top photo in our Flower Photo Contest. As of writing this blog post you still have a little over seven days to enter up to three photos to the contest. You will have three chances to win. Top prize wins $250 credit to use toward future purchases with us. Second prize is $150 credit and third prize is $75. Once you enter be sure to let your fan base, friends and family know. Once voting starts you will want them in your corner. And since we don't want this to be a total popularity contest we will judge the ten photos with the most votes. You can enter the contest by going to the photo contest page or clicking here. After you enter your photos be sure to check out our latest deal of the month. You can get a 24"x36" canvas print for only $79. That is over 50% off the retail price, and the perfect size to fill up that bare wall in your office, kitchen, hallway or bathroom. Use the promo code: DOTM16APR at checkout to get that deal. Best of luck to all of you who enter the photo contest!