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Framing Options for Your Canvas

by | | Canvas Press

When creating canvas art, it can be difficult to choose the right frame for your artwork. Fortunately, Canvas Press provides several options that make canvas framing easy, even if you aren’t a designer. Each framing options has unique advantages that make it simple to find a frame that not only suits your artwork, but suits your personal style. By taking these tips into account, you are sure to impress guests with your gallery quality framing.

Traditional Frames

Traditional frames surround the canvas snugly, leaving no room around the perimeter. As the name suggests, this is the look you are traditionally used to seeing with artwork. These are a great choice for your canvas frame if you like a classic look and have traditional decor and furnishings in your home.

Brushed Gold

Canvas Press features some muted metallic looks to match your decor style. When choosing a brushed metallic finish, look at the other fixtures in the room where you’ll be hanging your artwork to coordinate. Door knobs, faucets, and furniture hardware can give you cues as to what metallics will compliment your decor. The brushed gold look has a warm tone that would go well with gold or brass fixtures.

Brushed Brown

For a textured look without a metallic color, the brushed brown frame is a great option. If you have a lot of wood finishes in your decor, the brushed brown would be a complimentary choice.

Brushed Silver

Brushed silver frames bring cool metallic tones to your room decor. These would compliment silver toned fixtures and cool tone paint colors. The brushed texture mutes the metallic silver to not be too distracting or reflect too much light from your art.

Simple Black

You can achieve a more modern look with a matte black frame. They would match darker decor colors, but can also provide a dramatic accent for a stark white wall. With a uniform texture, this is the most modern choice of the traditional canvas frame options.

Float Frames

For a more modern look, consider a float frame for your canvas print. In a float frame, the canvas does not actually touch the edge of the frame, which gives the look that the artwork is floating. The other advantage to float frame is that the frames can feature a visible accent color on the inside, giving your canvas artwork more depth.


The black floating frames give the same dramatic look as the black traditional frames with the clean look of floating canvas. It is very versatile, no matter the colors in your art or your room decor. If you are concerned about coordinating the look of your frame, classic black is a sure bet.

Black with Silver

The Canvas Press black with silver frames feature a silver border surrounding the classic black frame. This gives a subtle metallic accent to the classic frame that would catch natural light beautifully in a room with windows. Choose this frame to subtly pick up metallic colors in a piece of art or in your desired room.

Brushed Silver

Brushed silver gives a muted, cool tone metallic look to your modern float frame. Select a black matte for the inside of your frame for a modern, dynamic look. Brushed silver would especially compliment a piece of art with blues, greens, and other cool hues.


Another option offered for floating frames that you can not get with a traditional frame, is a clean white color. White frames are a designer favorite because they have ultimate versatility and are featured in many trends like gallery walls. This is the most contemporary choice for your canvas art work. Whether going for a traditional or modern look, Canvas Press offers a wide variety of canvas frames to choose from to make your canvas art stand out.