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Canon Lens Price Vs. Nikon Lens Price Comparison

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nikon and canon lens price comparison I created this comparison to help guide those who are either just getting into photography as a serious hobby (or even profession) and for those who might be thinking about switching systems completely. I broke down some of the most essential lenses into the specific professional uses. This will now give you a side by side look at pricing between the two DSLR camera giants for some of their most popular and iconic lenses. These prices are based on B&H Photo Video's pricing as of August 27th, 2015. Going through this process of researching the popular lenses for each category and for each brand, I found it interesting how closely some of the lens types are prices and how others might have a $1000 gap between them. I am sure that if you asked a Canon shooter they would say it is because their lens is better and vice versa. We tried to keep the comparable lens' focal lengths as close to possible or the same wherever we could so you could really compare apples to apples. You may also notice that most of these lenses would be considered pro quality lenses. I understand that someone who is just starting out may not be able to afford many of these lenses. That is totally fine. Start with what you have. These lenses were chosen by researching several sources on the net about what lenses are in most pro's camera bag. There are some gems in here for beginners (ie 50mm 1.8, 24mm, & 85mm). I know I have left off some other iconic lenses on this list. The Nikon 85mm 1.4 is one of my faves and none of the Canon f1.4 or 50mm 1.2 lenses are on here. In the interest of space I had to leave those big guys off the list. If you have a fave that isn't on the list I would love to know. I have included both the Nikon and Canon list individually below. Whichever way you lean we hope this Nikon and Canon lens price comparison chart helps you with your next lens decision. nikon and canon lens price comparison nikon and canon lens price comparison