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Share Important Milestones with Birthday Canvas Prints

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There are huge birthdays that happen only once in the lifetime of your family. Whether it is the 1st birthday of your child or a 50th birthday of a parent, it is important to celebrate these huge important milestones properly. There are various different ways you can celebrate a huge birthday, but one popular way is to use birthday canvas prints.

What are Milestone Birthdays?

When it comes to what makes a milestone birthday actually a milestone, there are some common rules of thought. Of course, a first birthday is a huge event. Most families go all out for their little one’s first. They usually have a party with friends and family, take tons of photos and of course, there’s the smash cake! Chronicling the day is also a huge deal with a variety of photos taken. It is a fun way to remember all the moments of the day while also making memories for your child when they are older. Birthday canvas prints of this day are a great present to the parents of the little one as well. Other milestone birthdays include turning 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 and so on. After around 60 or so you find that many start counting milestones at every five years. So for example, some consider 65, 70, 75 and so on milestones to celebrate.

How are Milestones Celebrated?

There are several different ways you can celebrate a milestone birthday. For example, for the 16th birthday, you can have a sweet 16 theme and display birthday canvas prints of your son or daughter in the driver's seat as they’ve obtained their license. The first birthdays are known for some sort of smash cake and lots of photos with icing and cake smeared all over the birthday boy or girl. Other milestones such as 40 or 50 year birthdays typically have something to do with an “over the hill” theme. Most folks feel as if they are on the downside of the hill of life when they hit those marks and their friends and families love to play on that theme. Items such as canes, diapers, denture cream, etc. are given as jokes for these large birthdays.

What Can You Use Birthday Canvas Prints for?

When you are looking to celebrate one of these huge milestone birthdays, canvas prints are a great addition to your party. Many parents use these as a way to tell the story of their now 18 year old young adult child. You can have prints from the time they were one all the way up until this current birthday. Combining all the photos into one huge collage that tells their story is the perfect way to celebrate their accomplishments this far. It also helps your guests to see what their life has been like since they were born.

Canvas Prints are Great Gifts!

Whether you’re making canvas prints from the birthday, graduation, or the first dance, these types of prints make perfect gifts for everyone. You can use them to decorate your home or office to share those special moments in your lifetime. Many people love to give these types of birthday canvas prints to those who were unable to make the party. Perhaps you have family or friends who live out of town but miss celebrating with you. This is a great way to make them feel as if they were there! Source:

Type of Photos for Canvas

When you are wanting to print a photo on canvas, you need to make sure you have the right photo. There are some parameters you want to watch for when printing such as using a digital camera and making sure that you have a clear shot. Double-check the lighting in the photo to make sure that when it is printed it will not be blurry or choppy.


Birthday canvas prints are a fantastic way to tell the story of your little one, your young adult child, or your own as you celebrate the next big milestone of life. Whether you want to give them as gifts, you want to use them at the party or simply capture a memory from the event, these are a great way to celebrate and share those moments!