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Behind The Scenes at Canvas Press Part 3: Materials & Goods

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I think it has been said that in order to give the best you have to use the best. Or maybe I am just saying that now...either way we think that is very true when it comes to building your canvas prints. Using the best materials and equipment out there so that we can deliver you an awesome photo canvas print that you will enjoy for many years to come. I have already bragged about our printers and the inks we use but it does bear repeating...they are ridiculous. I'm going to give it to you straight, the color they can reproduce is pretty insane. I have looked at some artist reproductions that are coming off our printers and seriously wonder if anyone would be able to tell the difference from that to the real thing. So printing is one very important element and the canvas it's printed on is another huge element. You don't want your photos on canvas printed on something that looks and feels like tissue paper. Like it could wither up and turn into dust with a slight breeze. You want your photos on canvas to look and feel like they will be here long after you and I aren't (let's not dwell on can be a bit depressing). Part 3 of the perfect canvas print equation is the wooden stretcher frame. This gives the canvas it's's look and feel. Even though it goes unseen to the eye it has an equal part to play. If you build the frame with a weak piece of wood then it will end up warping and will make the canvas sag over time. Not good. We build all of our wood frames by hand out of poplar wood. Poplar is a much sturdier choice for your stretcher bars than pine. If you have bought from someone else be sure to check out what kind of wood they use to make their stretcher bars. It will make a difference down the road. What comes after the printing and the quality of the canvas? It's all great to have a nice looking print if you don't have the skill to put it together. Enter our amazing craftsmen. These guys hand build each and every photo on canvas that is ordered. They take care of making sure it's done correctly and to the high quality standards we put on ourselves. There you have it. From the printers to the type of canvas and wood we use and the guys who are putting it all together for you, we make sure that quality is the hallmark of the photos on canvas that go out our doors. canvas, canvas roll, artist quality canvas, canvas prints poplar wood, photo on canvas, print to canvas, made by hand, canvas tools underpinner, canvas press, photo canvas, made by hand, canvas tools canvas stretching tools, canvas prints, canvas press tools, craftsmanship canvas press, behind the scenes, photo on canvas, canvas prints canvas press, behind the scenes, photo on canvas, canvas prints canvas press, behind the scenes, photo on canvas, canvas prints