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Behind the Scenes at Canvas Press: Part 2 Making of Canvas Prints

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They don't make them like they used to...right? At least that is what you hear over and over in today's world. It will only last until the warranty runs out or it may take 2 or 3 returns to get something that works right or looks right. That is because it was put through the "machine" so quickly no one really bothered to make sure it was done RIGHT. Well, we are taking a stand against the push your order through and make money at all costs mentality. When canvas prints are ordered through Canvas Press we look at each and every one from the time it is getting prepped on the computer screen until it goes out the door. If you are unsure about how good your photo will look as a canvas print you can send it in and we will look at the resolution, check to see if it will print correctly, and give you our honest feedback. Sometimes that may mean letting you know it isn't the best photo to use as a canvas print. Even after your photo or artwork is printed it continues to be monitored and checked for quality by our amazing team. Whether in the print room or while it is being hand stretched, we keep quality at the top of our minds. We understand that this could be hanging in your house for many years to come and we would hate for you to grimace every time you pass it because you weren't completely happy with it. We wish we could do a blind "taste test" with the public and show them our canvas prints vs. one (or all) of other canvas companies products. We are confident you would choose the Canvas Press canvas. FYI, our canvas doesn't taste very good but they do look delicious. Every photo canvas is hand stretched by one of our trained craftsmen onto a poplar wood frame that won't warp over the course of time. These guys make your canvas drum tight. cutting canvas, photos to canvas, canvas print, workshop, photo canvas craftsmanship, print on canvas, photo canvas, how to make a gallery wrap photo canvas, how to make a gallery wrap, craftsmanship, print to canvas gallery wrap, how to make a canvas print, photo on canvas, hand made making canvas print, photo to canvas, how to make a canvas print, gallery wrap photos on canvas, workshop tools, workshop, photo canvas