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Behind the Scenes at Canvas Press: Part 1

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Do you ever wander what goes on at some companies. How do they get things done? Do they really take care of my order or is my order number just a few more dollar signs that are going through the machine? Over the next few weeks I am going to show you around the shop here at Canvas Press and show what goes into making these beautiful canvas prints for you. Hopefully you will see that we really do look at every single image that comes through to make sure that the quality is perfect for the size of the photo canvas you chose. My other hope is that I can show you how much pride we take in delivering you QUALITY...above all else. So if you have never ordered from us before or if you are thinking about purchasing a canvas print in the next few weeks I think you will find this interesting. In this first look at what goes on behind the curtain I want to show you how we get your photo on the canvas. It's all about the printers. We use the top of the line Epson GS6000 printers that print with Epson's Eco-solvent Inks. What does that mean? Let me see if I can make this exciting. The eco-solvent inks are heated up during the printing process...that and the special coating on our artist canvas (more on that in a sec) allow the inks to absorb into the canvas and bind to the canvas fibers making it super durable, flexible and it protects the inks. Many of our competitors printers leave the image laying on top of the canvas print which is a perfect recipe for fading and cracking (among other things). As I was saying about the actual canvas we print on, it is an artist quality canvas that is a gorilla strong 20.1 mils thick. The canvas comes ready to print directly from the mill with a protective coating that keeps the ink looking vibrant for about a century or so. You may already know this other little nugget of information about us. We give each and everyone one of our canvas prints a 100% 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 100% Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee. That is how much we believe that what you are buying from us is better than anything out there. Now, to take us out I will show the rockstars (the printers make us call them's kind of pathetic) doing what they do best. print to canvas, epson printer, epson gs 6000, photo canvas, eco-solvent inks print to canvas, epson printer, epson gs 6000, photo canvas, eco-solvent inks epson ink, epson gs6000, gs 6000, eco-solvent inks, archival inks, print to canvas print to canvas, epson printer, epson gs 6000, photo canvas, eco-solvent inks photo canvas, gallery wrap, canvas print, photo on canvas