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Announcing our Wildlife Photo Contest

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Our photo contest for the month of March is all about Wildlife. Up for grabs is some serious Canvas Press cash that 3 winners will take home and can use on any product they would like. So what do we consider "wildlife"? Animals found in nature. That does not count your pets, cows, horses, or anything fenced in. What does count? Birds, deer, hippos, anteaters, snow leopards (good luck with that one), owls, get the idea. If you have a great photo of wildlife (whether it is in your backyard or on the Serengeti) we would love for you to enter it into this photo contest. You can enter 3 of your best photos to the contest. Don't have any wildlife in your photo library? Take the weekend and head to the park and be on the lookout for some local fauna. It doesn't matter if you live in Alaska or on the Everglades of Florida. It is not about how rare of an animal you photograph. It is about how it is photographed that will help you win this contest. The deadline to enter is the 16th of March at midnight. After the deadline passes you will then see all of the photos entered. We can't wait to see what you come up with. If you know someone who has some fantastic wildlife photos and doesn't know about this contest, please let them know about this contest. Voting will start on March 16th and will continue through the 27th. We will then take the 10 photos with the most votes and vote for the top 3. Oh, and on the horizon for April is a Flower photo contest. We will be in the midst of spring so hopefully flowers will be abundant. That will start on April 1st so mark your calendar for that. You can enter the Wildlife Photo Contest right here.