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Ancestry and Antique Photos on Canvas

by | | How Tos

My mother has always been interested in genealogy and we’ve recently gone through and scanned our old family photos. I found a fun collection from the late 1800s to the early 1900s showing the great personalities, fashion and hairstyles my family was sporting back then. The two older gentlemen in one photo together are the patriarchs from two sides of the family, how is that for in-laws getting along? The woman with the fabulous hat is Mary Virginia Higgins, my Great Great Grandmother, who marched for women’s suffrage and even though she died long before I was born still influences my life today, I think I need to start experimenting with hats…When did people stop wearing hats in public? These photos are a part of our family history and even though I have never met or knew them, they are a part of me. That is the amazing thing about these photos. Two families become connected through marriage and having children. We aren’t quite sure what we are going to do with these old photos, but I know I would like to make some photos on canvas from a few of them. I would also love to create a collage wall of canvas prints showcasing each of these photos. They are so beautiful in the both the subject and the photo’s unique characteristics. If you have come across old family photos of your own and you want to restore them or print those antique photos on canvas, then give us a call (888.784.5553). We can help you with your project. Whether it is just one photo or a whole drawer full of antique photos. It doesn’t matter; we can make sure each photo is taken care of on it’s way to being restored. Call or email for more information on how we can help preserve your family history.