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9 Creative Large Family Photo Ideas for Canvas Prints

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family portrait ideas If you are wanting to update the family portrait that is hanging on your wall right now we want to run some ideas by you. Each of these family portrait ideas are a little different than your traditional family portrait. Think of these as jumping off points to spark your own creative photo. Once you have it nailed down and have your favorite photo then you now where to find us to help you print on canvas. Discover our 9 creative large family photo ideas for canvas prints below. 1. Shadow Photography for Stunning Verticals If you’ve ever taken a yoga class you probably know a few graceful poses that make the subject look poised and cast an interesting shadow. For a stunning portrait to print on canvas, try taking photos of your family in interesting poses and the resulting shadows together. Shadow photography is best done late in the afternoon, when shadows are long and more sharply defined than at other hours of the day. 2. Focus on Baby A great pose to do for large canvas prints when the baby is strong enough to sit is to position the baby sitting between mom and dad’s outstretched legs; mom and dad will be visible from the feet to the shoulder, putting the focus on the little one. 3. Play with Perspective With the right angle, perspective games can create great family portraits that look great printed large on canvas. For a more sophisticated take on the classic head-between-thumb-and-forefinger, you can position family members to that they appear to be standing (or laying) on the flat of someone’s outstretched hand. Or even just positioning the camera on a lower angle pointing upward can create a more dramatic family photo. family portrait ideas 4. Setting Off on Adventure If the open road or the prospect of adventure appeals to your family, a portrait shot from behind as your family holds hands and walks down a straight path or safe, low-traffic road can make for visually stunning large canvas prints. Bike trails and other pedestrian friendly walkways work too. family portrait ideas 5. A Different Angle For a fun pose that shows off your family’s goofy side, invert the traditional family photo by posing “upside down.” Your family does not have to be acrobats or gymnasts to pull this portrait off. All you need is comfortable clothing and a sturdy-backed bench. Family members should sit on the bench, position themselves, then place their legs over the back of the bench and face the camera with their heads where their knees would be if sitting normally. Make sure the camera is ready to take a quick shots to avoid red faces! 6. Let Your Feet Tell the Story If mom is a fashionista, dad is a firefighter, and the kids are a budding ballerina and up and coming soccer player, how do you capture all of this in one photo without being overwhelming? Let your feet tell the story with a photo of everyone’s shoes! Naturally, your family does not have to be quite so dedicated or specialized to make this photo work well. See example that starts this article off. If you are not a big foot lover then this one may not be for you. 7. Family Ladder Climb Photos of families in geometric poses are interesting, but require a lot of strength and flexibility. A great way to capture the geometric angle of these poses safely and without hours of practice is to use a ladder. Position family members on different rungs of the ladder, with the family members at lower levels hugging the ladder (their arms will overlap higher up family members’ legs) for stability. 8. Family in a Picture Frame Using an empty picture frame as a prop during a family portrait can result in interesting and attractive photos on canvas. You can often find picture frames large enough to frame the whole family at thrift 9. Photo from above In this idea you will need a high vantage point where you someone can take a photo straight down. Your family will lie down on the ground looking up toward the photographer. Get creative with your posing. Creating an action on the ground is fun and would definitely make a unique canvas print.

family portrait ideasWe love this idea of incorporating sidewalk chalk to enhance your fun family portrait!

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