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Spring Cleaning: Put Away Your Winter Decor and Add Color to Your Walls

by | | Canvas Press

Winter might be a season associated with holidays, time with family and friends, and a feeling of coziness, but after long winter months many are more than ready to start their spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn't only a time to deep clean your home, but also to declutter and freshen up your home decor. There is no better way to start feeling the coming of spring and summer than by bringing color into your home. Here are a few ways you can get creative with color and give your walls a facelift just in time for spring.

Bring in Spring Vibes with Floral Prints

Winter Decor 1 Adding seasonal-appropriate decor to your home is a great way of maintaining style while also keeping up with trends. Spring is strongly associated with cheerful colors and flowers. You can get your household into the energy of spring change by swapping out wall art for new canvas prints in floral prints. Custom printed canvas allow you to capture whatever photo you love into a professional, chic canvas print to hang up on your walls. They are very lightweight and versatile, which means they are not only easily hung but also easy to take down and store for the next year.

Add a Pop of Color with a Bright Border

Once you've chosen the perfect picture or image to showcase, consider adding a bright color in the form of a border. When you custom order a canvas print you can opt to have a color border rather than the popular image wrap look. This color border can be essentially any color you wish and gives the canvas a framed look, without having to use a frame. Going this route is an excellent way of sprucing up an otherwise neutral or black-and-white image for spring. Opting for a color border is also an effective way of making flat walls seem more dimensional.

Create a Gallery Wall with Mixed Media Art

Winter Decor 2 Combining different types of art together in a gallery is very stylish and instantly makes a room seem like a professional designer put it together. A trick to adding interest is to use different types of art in your gallery layout, such as canvas prints and framed images of various sizes, mirrors, and decorate wall art pieces. Be sure to leave fairly equal spacing between each piece to prevent an overly cluttered look. Sneak in bright art pieces to add color without them coming as as too bold, thanks to the accompanying pieces that make up the gallery.

Showcase a Print in a Shabby Chic Frame

A playful way of showcasing a prized print or to create a space where you can swap out seasonal prints is to mount a playful, shabby chic frame. By mounting just the frame with no back and no glass, you can easily hang your canvas print inside of it. This instantly makes a statement and draws the eye in, without you having to deal with a traditional picture frame. Consider a distressed white frame for a universally attractive finish. You can also use a very large frame in the same way, mounting a series of smaller prints inside of it to tie them all together.

Incorporate Green Plants, Flowers, and Foliage

Winter Decor 3 As mentioned, spring is a time that is synonymous with flowers, plants, and generally greenery growing. Bringing a touch of nature indoors can be done in a few ways when it comes to your walls. Firstly, if you have a gallery type of layout consider adding small hanging flower pots for tiny succulents or air plants. Another creative option for canvas prints is to drape or tuck realistic faux plants and flowers behind and around the frame. Since canvas prints have more width to them, it makes for the perfect natural ledge to hang a garland of silk flowers or a vine. Spring is strongly associated with bright colors and themes pertaining to growth. Even if you're not a huge fan of bright colors, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways of bringing small pops of color onto your walls without going overboard. Pay attention to small details and you'll find it pays off.