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5 Decorating Blogs to Follow For Inspiration

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top decorating blogs The wife and I love to decorate and redecorate the house. I am in charge of the wall décor and Kim (my wife) is in charge of arranging the other stuff. Yes, our responsibilities do bleed into each others…probably more than we would want. I’m not sure where this bug of always wanting to see something different in our house came from. Maybe it is from watching too much HGTV…who knows. All that counts is that we enjoy it, even though the house can look like a wreck in the “between stages”. Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t going out and buying all new furniture every single time. It’s more of a rearrangement of the small things that can give a house a fresh feel. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new inspiration for the next restaging of our home. Pinterest can be helpful to a degree, but it can take a lot of sorting through stuff that isn’t really our style. That is why it is helpful to have some go to sources (a la blogs) that speak to your design aesthetic. I am much more concerned about finding new fun ways to display all of the photography and graphic design art that we have while Kim looks for ideas for creating interesting vignettes (I learned that word from watching too much HGTV) with stuff we already have. It is important to note that our style is probably different than yours. So, the key would be to do a little researching of your own on Google and/or Pinterest and find some key sites that you can head to time and time again for inspiration. A good way to do this on Pinterest is not only to look at the site you pinned a home decor element from, but also scroll down on the pin you enlarged to see the "related pins". There maybe some more good stuff on different sites or blogs that you have now just discovered. Wishing you all the best on your home decorating matter what part of it you are responsible for.

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