Create Your Art

Pet Photos on Canvas

They are a part of our families. That cute, cuddly, furry has a special place in your heart. Now we can help you find a special place for them on your wall with our custom pet photo prints. We can turn that snapshot you took with your camera or phone into a canvas print to go right with the rest of the family photos in your home.

Simply choose that favorite photo of your dog napping, or your cat pouncing, or your goldfish...doing whatever goldfish do. Turn your pet photo into canvas art today! If the photo needs a little work we can help edit it to make wall worthy. Then just choose the depth and size you want the photo enlarged to and we will get it to you as quickly as we can.

Quick Tips On Getting Great Shots Of Your Pets

  1. Take photos of them outside on a cloudy day or in the shade.
  2. When taking photos of them inside, get them close to a window or another natural light source.
  3. Great action shots happen when they are playing with a toy or with a child.
  4. Catch them in their favorite sleeping spot.
  5. Try not to use flash on your pets. It produces "green eye" in photos which can be tricky to correct.
  6. If they will let you, try getting as close as you can to get more of your pet's features to highlight in the canvas print. After all, it those eyes and nose are the big reason you fell in love with them.
  7. Soft noises will get their attention more than loud noises. Loud noises can often scare your pet and cause them to retreat rather than let you take their photo.
  8. Use their favorite toys to get their attention. Fetch toys work great for dogs while a simple flashlight on the floor or wall can get the attention of your cat.
  9. If you are into more abstract art then photograph the small details of your pet. Close up pics of paws, noses, tongues, collars &s; ears can all be used to make abstract pet portraits.
  10. Focus on the eyes! Your pet's eyes are their most expressive feature; besides their tail, so make sure they are as sharp as possible.