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WiFi photo transfer from iPhone and iPad main image
WiFi photo transfer from iPhone and iPad
by Caroline Cohoon | March 9, 2012

By Caroline Cohoon? March 9th, 2012 I recently discovered an app that I am in LOVE with, and the best part is, it's free! The name is WiFi Photo Transfer, by Voxeloid Kft. I take tons of photos on my iPhone and they seem to just sit there. I hadn't found an easy way to get photos from the phone to a computer without syncing up all my photo libraries or jumping through a bunch of hoops, like emailing the ...

Photoshop Express Tutorial Part 3: White Balance, Contrast & Fill Light main image
Photoshop Express Tutorial Part 3: White Balance, Contrast & Fill Light
by Eric Von Lehmden | March 7, 2012

Hi there this is Melissa again.? Eric gave me control of the blog again and so I am back with another tutorial with using the free version of Photoshop Express! Editing photos can be a little stressful if you don't know where to start.? In this tutorial I am going to address three simple tools you can use on Photoshop Express to make your photos turn out even more amazing! Adjusting your white balance, highlight, and fill light ...

5 iPad Apps That Your Kids Can Create Artwork With...And You Don't Have to Clean Up After! main image
5 iPad Apps That Your Kids Can Create Artwork With...And You Don't Have to Clean Up After!
by Eric Von Lehmden | March 2, 2012

Arts and Crafts time for kids is always fun.? They get to paint, use water colors, glue, scissors, tissue paper, macaroni and those pipe cleaner bendy things.? But who was left to clean up all that stuff...and usually the child too?? Well, Mom of course.? Kids love to paint and draw and create.? As parents we want to foster that creativity...but sometimes we don't want to deal with the aftermath of what that ...

iPhone Camera Accessories.  Ridiculous or Awesome? main image
iPhone Camera Accessories. Ridiculous or Awesome?
by Eric Von Lehmden | January 30, 2012

Smart phones have made it so easy for us to communicate and share what we see every moment of every day. The advancement in the technology in just the iPhone's camera alone is amazing. This little camera is about to replace the need to carry around a point and shoot camera. The optics and capabilities of this little gem is only going to get better over time. This has spawned a movement called "iPhoneography". Basically people showing off photos from ...

Be Inspired: 500px.com main image
Be Inspired: 500px.com
by Eric Von Lehmden | December 20, 2011

Inspiration can come from almost anywhere.? Rather than choosing one particular photographer's work to inspire you this week I want to show you hundreds of photographers' work.? You all have heard of Flickr.? It is the dominating photo sharing site on the net.? But lately I have been drawn to 500px.com.? I have been continually amazed by the images I am seeing on there.? I keep hitting the next page just to see ...

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Instant Gratification with Wireless Memory Cards
by Caroline Cohoon | March 18, 2008

Integrate the convenience of wireless image transfers from your digital camera. Do you share your photos online? Even if you don?t, surely you download them to your computer. That usually means finding the right cables, hooking up your camera or plugging in a memory card? Then you have to copy all the files to the right directory? and then if you do share your photos on a website you have the additional time of copying and uploading. A new product ...

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