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Photo Project: 10 Things to Photograph This Spring main image
Photo Project: 10 Things to Photograph This Spring
by Laura McPherson | April 9, 2013

There is still snow on the ground for many of us, but the promise of spring is beckoning as March roars in. Already the days are getting longer and there are fewer grey days on the horizon, which means it?s time to start thinking about what to photograph this spring! After a long winter inside, your DSLR or point and shoot will be happy to get outside in the sunshine, and so will you. So what to shoot? Here are ...

Photo Project – The Grocery Store…Expanding Your Creativity main image
Photo Project The Grocery StoreExpanding Your Creativity
by Paul Cook | April 2, 2013

Food photography can be absolutely aesthetically appealing and makes its hard for anyone to resist their temptation to grab a bite. The colors, shapes and patterns attract photographers to explore their creative instinct whether it is shooting fresh produce at a market stall or an appetizing feast prepared by an expert chef. Good food photography naturally draws the viewer in because it is after all irresistible. If you love experimenting with digital photography then one amazing idea is to head ...

Relieve Stress – Really! – Creating Your Own Gallery Wall main image
Relieve Stress Really! Creating Your Own Gallery Wall
by Laura McPherson | March 27, 2013

Here?s one more reason to make time for yourself by making time for your art: A spate of recent studies has confirmed the therapeutic benefits of letting your creativity loose in painting, photography, and other artistic endeavors. Read about how art can reduce your stress levels and plan your own gallery wall for lasting health benefits. [caption id="attachment_2860" align="alignleft" width="300"] The therapeutic benefit of art is more translatable for many people than putting the need for stress relief into words ...

Canvas Prints Make Unique Office Decoration main image
Canvas Prints Make Unique Office Decoration
by Eric Von Lehmden | March 21, 2013

We have recently been asked for some ideas on decorating an office with some canvas prints.? Specifically, what are some unique ways to display family photos or art in an office environment with canvas.? I? started thinking about the functionality of an office and that a few walls may be needed for presenting or taken up with information.? Each person sets up their office differently so there are several ways to go about it.? I think ...

How to Choose the Best Photo Orientation for Your Empty Wall main image
How to Choose the Best Photo Orientation for Your Empty Wall
by Laura McPherson | February 21, 2013

An empty wall is a blank canvas that begs to be adorned with digital photography and other artwork, but which artwork to choose? Starting by choosing the group orientation ? horizontal, square, or vertical ? for your photos can set off your photography and your d?cor at the same time. Believe it or not, professional interior designers have developed rules for when and how to use certain group orientations to play up, or play down, the impact of your d?cor ...

Get Frame Happy! Taking Frames Beyond the Family Portrait main image
Get Frame Happy! Taking Frames Beyond the Family Portrait
by Laura McPherson | February 13, 2013

As photography goes digital, you?re probably scrapbooking less but still accumulating paper memories in the form of letters, cards, event tickets, and other keepsakes. Frames aren?t just for the family portrait anymore! Nearly any memento that once would have been saved in a scrapbook with your photography can be mounted and framed for display in your home.   Preserve T-Shirts and Other Cherished Clothing Items Your children?s clothing takes a beating, but when it is time to retire a loved ...

The Do's and Don'ts of Combining Wallpaper and Artwork main image
The Do's and Don'ts of Combining Wallpaper and Artwork
by Laura McPherson | February 6, 2013

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to dress up a bland wall, but its artistic design can pose a problem when you want to display artwork on that same wall. In fact, this dilemma can pose real design headaches for experienced professional designers, not to mention the at-home designer. Fortunately, there are a few rules of thumb to guide you through this home decor challenge.

Three Photo Projects to Define Your Photo Style main image
Three Photo Projects to Define Your Photo Style
by Valerie Johnston | January 31, 2013

Many people have a little trouble understanding photographic style. However, the style of digital photography can have a big impact on how the images are viewed. Ten different people can take a photo of the same subject and create ten totally different images. We all have a photographic style, and learning what yours is will help you develop your skills to a much higher level. If you fight against your photographic style, you are most likely going to create images ...

DIY Family Art Masterpiece…In the Backyard! main image
DIY Family Art MasterpieceIn the Backyard!
by Laura McPherson | January 29, 2013

When it comes to family fun it?s the more the merrier, but including all family members in the same art project indoors can be difficult. For a fun spring scheme that every member of your family can enjoy, create a super-sized wall mural using play balls as paintbrushes in the backyard! The minimal clean up from taking art supplies outdoors will have you smiling, while the kids will enjoy getting creative (and messy!) with this entertaining project. What You?ll ...

Easy Art Projects for the Whole Family main image
Easy Art Projects for the Whole Family
by Laura McPherson | January 14, 2013

Are you looking for easy art projects for the whole family to enjoy? It isn?t always simple to find a project to which family members of all ages can contribute, especially if you?re looking to create not just memories but keepsakes that will stand the test of time. The following digital photography projects will involve all members of the family, from young to old, and can help you create precious keepsakes to use as wall art or memory boosters years ...

Christmas Gifts For Camera Lovers main image
Christmas Gifts For Camera Lovers
by Paul Cook | December 17, 2012

The holiday season is quickly approaching with gift shopping for your family and friends at its peak. You surely would have some photography enthusiasts in your life. Many of you would be looking for gift ideas for your camera loving pals, and below are some useful products which will still excite your dear ones. Rapid evolution of cameras from film to digital has flooded the market with exciting products that any enthusiastic photographer would love to have in his/her arsenal ...

On Trend Christmas Decorating Ideas main image
On Trend Christmas Decorating Ideas
by Laura McPherson | December 14, 2012

Is your Christmas home d?cor stuck in a rut? We all enjoy unpacking the holiday memories of years past, but sometimes putting the same decorations in the same places can start to feel old. Not to worry though, because you can re-use the same d?cor in a different way for an up-to-date look without breaking the budget! These Christmas decorating ideas will break you out of your routine while preserving the meaning and memories of your holiday traditions. [caption id="attachment_2301" ...

Square Canvas Prints Make the Perfect Collage main image
Square Canvas Prints Make the Perfect Collage
by Eric Von Lehmden | December 14, 2012

There are a ton of ways you could make a wall collage of photos or photos on canvas for your walls.? It can get a little daunting to try to figure out how 3 horizontal photos and 5 vertical photos will go together on a wall.? the easy way to get around that is to go square.? By cropping your photos square you can make it easy to do a collage of 3, 4, 6, and 9 ...

Christmas Wall Art Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List main image
Christmas Wall Art Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List
by Laura McPherson | December 11, 2012

Everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift, and wall art gifts with a personal touch will speak volumes to the special recipients on your gift list this year. A handmade gift, even if you can?t give one every year, is sure to be treasured for years to come. It?s also fun to get creative making wall art gifts, and you can even use your digital photography skills in the process!   Framed Travel Wall Art Whether your recipient took an amazing vacation ...

Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Any Photo Lover main image
Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Any Photo Lover
by Eric Von Lehmden | December 10, 2012

Yes, Photography is an expensive hobby, and an even more expensive profession, so whenever Christmas time comes around it is always hard to find some fun or useful inexpensive items that I can put on my Christmas list that won?t make my loved one?s eyes bug out after seeing the price tag.? I have compiled a list that ranges from the reasonable to the dream list for photographers this year.? Maybe you can find something on here that ...

Christmas Gift Ideas Galore main image
Christmas Gift Ideas Galore
by Eric Von Lehmden | December 10, 2012

So not only are we discounting our most popular canvas print sizes (8x10's, 11x14's, 16x20's, and 18x24's), but we are putting our designer growth charts and desktop metal print sizes on sale.? For a limited time you can save $15 on our growth charts (making them $44) and our 3 desktop sized metal prints (5x7, 8x8, and 8x10) are all on sale.? 5x7's are a flat $15 now, 8x8's are $22 and 8x10's are $28.? They all ...

Upcoming Trends in Wall Décor main image
Upcoming Trends in Wall Dcor
by Lori Wallace-Roberts | November 12, 2012

Home design and d?cor is a constantly evolving medium, and it can often be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.? You probably already have classic and timeless pieces of wall art that you want to keep, either because you absolutely love them or they hold precious memories that you cherish. On the flip side, you want to be as trendy as possible, too! It?s perfectly okay to mix in some of those trendier items with your beloved ...

Have a Plan: 4 Tips for Making Seasonal Wall Art Easy main image
Have a Plan: 4 Tips for Making Seasonal Wall Art Easy
by Lori Wallace-Roberts | October 24, 2012

If you?re like most people, you probably have bins and boxes chock full of home d?cor specific to every season and every holiday, from spring to winter and Easter to Christmas. You?ve probably been collecting some of your timeless treasures for years. Sometimes, though, hauling those various totes in and out of storage, unpacking them, figuring out how you want to use them and then putting them all back away within a month or two, can truly be a little ...

How NewSpring Church Spreads Their Message With Canvas Prints  main image
How NewSpring Church Spreads Their Message With Canvas Prints
by Eric Von Lehmden | October 23, 2012

NewSpring Church is a growing church based in Anderson, South Carolina.? They came to us with a project in mind that involved communicating the culture of their community.? We were more than happy to help NewSpring with this unique project that covers both graphic design and photos on canvas.? You really get a sense of what the culture of the church is when you see the final project.? It is a fantastic mix of candid photos ...

Photo Project: Create a Photo Collection on Your Favorite Color main image
Photo Project: Create a Photo Collection on Your Favorite Color
by Valerie Johnston | October 12, 2012

Are you ready for a photographic challenge that will make you open your eyes to everything around you? Color. Yes, color is the challenge! If you don't think that making an entire collection of photographs based on one color is a challenge, just stop to consider it for a moment. It is not going to be the same as simply finding everything "red" or everything "purple". It is finding these things and photographing them in a way that is all ...

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If you use multiple memory cards for you camera a simple way to keep from shooting over one you haven't downloaded is by keeping them in a memory card pouch and turning the used memory card around to remind you not to use it until you download the photos.

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