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Don't Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids - Part 5 - The Rule of Thirds main image
Don't Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids - Part 5 - The Rule of Thirds
by Eric Von Lehmden | November 16, 2011

The Rule of Thirds is probably the single most important thing to learn when your start practicing your photography.? It will automatically make your photos more interesting.? I didn't say it would make your photos great, but it will definitely make them more interesting to look at.? When we talk about The Rule of Thirds we are basically talking about Composition or the placement of key subjects in relation to one another in the photograph.? So ...

Choosing the Right Camera Bag For Your Budding Hobby main image
Choosing the Right Camera Bag For Your Budding Hobby
by Eric Von Lehmden | November 11, 2011

Are you thinking about taking the plunge and making photography a hobby?? Congratulations, and on behalf of photo nerds everywhere...We would love to have you!? You are in the Christmas Day phase of the hobby...buying all your gear.? It is exciting and a little nerve racking at the same time because there are so many options out there.? From what camera brand to go with to which lens or lenses should I buy...it ...

Dont Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids  Part 4  Change Your Perspective main image
Dont Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids Part 4 Change Your Perspective
by Eric Von Lehmden | November 8, 2011

When I say, "Change your perspective."? I'm not talking about the way you look at life (that would be a much deeper How-To blog post).? No I am talking about changing your perspective in relation to the angle of your camera when you are taking pics of your kids.? Perspective is a key element of connecting with the subject matter in photography.? Richard Avedon used to photograph most of his subjects with the camera aimed to ...

5 Cute Halloween Photo Ideas for Kids Halloween Pictures main image
5 Cute Halloween Photo Ideas for Kids Halloween Pictures
by Eric Von Lehmden | October 31, 2011

Not sure how to capture your kids on Halloween pictures in a fun way? Create happy memories with these 5 cute Halloween photo ideas from Canvas Press.

Don't Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids - Part 3 - Channel Your Inner Ninja. main image
Don't Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids - Part 3 - Channel Your Inner Ninja.
by Eric Von Lehmden | October 25, 2011

The more you get involved in the photography world the more you may hear the term "photo ninja".? Yes, we photographers like to think of ourselves as stealthy, sneaky, operatives who will go to any length to get that never before seen photo....yes, we are nerds.? But there is something to be learned from this and applying it to taking great photos of your kids.? The message to take away here is BE READY at any ...

The Only Lens You Will Ever Need.  Tips from a pro. main image
The Only Lens You Will Ever Need. Tips from a pro.
by Eric Von Lehmden | October 21, 2011

If you are thinking about buying a DSLR camera or maybe you just bought one to take better photos of your family, kids, or you just got bitten by the photography bug then this is a great post for you to read.? For those who don't know what DSLR means that stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.? They look like this...you know the ones that have all the dials, buttons, and you can switch the lenses. They ...

DONT SAY CHEESE! How To Take Better Photos of Your Kids  Part 2 main image
DONT SAY CHEESE! How To Take Better Photos of Your Kids Part 2
by Eric Von Lehmden | October 18, 2011

In part 2 of our series on how to take better photos of your kids I will talk about something that will help you to see how light effects your photo.? What am I talking about?? Your flash.? What I do I want you to do with it?? I want you to turn it off.? That's right TURN OFF YOUR FLASH when you are taking pics of your kiddos.? "But then all of my ...

DON'T SAY CHEESE! How To Take better photos of your kids - Part 1 main image
DON'T SAY CHEESE! How To Take better photos of your kids - Part 1
by Eric Von Lehmden | October 11, 2011

Part 1: Seriously...DON'T SAY CHEESE! Here at Canvas Press we are not only awesome at making beautiful prints on canvas but we are also quite versed with photography experience.? Caroline has 10 years of photography experience and even started the Photo Communications department at St. Edward's University.? Adam has 9 years of fine art and event photography experience.? And I (Eric Von Lehmden) have 11 years of professional photo experience in portrait, event, and fine art ...

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Don't tick off the comptroller...
by Canvas Press | June 13, 2011

Thinking about starting your own photography business, or already have one up and running? Have you thought about all the legal requirements of running your own business including things like tax reporting not only to the federal government but your own state as well? Austin photographer and artist Eric Setter is diving into the world of sales tax for the State of Texas. Down here, the law is that photography services, not just products, are taxable and to sell those ...

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Alert: Check your settings
by Canvas Press | May 19, 2011

It's not an easy topic to discuss. In fact, it makes my heart hurt a little. One of our customers, Larissa and her husband Allen, recently came back from an amazing photo trek at?Tent Rocks and?Bandolier National Monument in New Mexico. They had recently purchased a new camera, the?Canon Powershot SX120. This is a very nice camera with attractive features that anyone can take advantage of to make great photos. After their trip and having taken many images, our couple ...

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Travel Safety Tips for Photographers
by Caroline Cohoon | May 9, 2011

Traveling is an amazing opportunity for taking some of the best photographs; however, being in a strange place with flashy camera equipment can sometimes be asking for trouble. Transportation of everything in general can be a challenge as well. These few simple tips will help you keep your treasured memories secure so you can bring home your best travel photography.     1. When traveling through airports keep your most vital and sensitive equipment with you. We've all seen ...

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Back it up: Storage solutions for your photos
by Canvas Press | February 24, 2011

As memory cards and megapixels increase in size and number, taking care of all of those treasured photos can become a real hassle. Let's be honest, you enjoy taking photos, but you don't want it to take up your entire free time. So, when do you find time to safeguard all of those snapshots, vacation pics, and holiday portraits?The busier we get, the more we forget to take the next step in making sure our favorite images are protected ...

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Guidelines for Great Scans...
by Caroline Cohoon | October 9, 2009

Many at home all-in-one printers have great scanning capabilities, so you may be able to scan your own prints in order to send them to us for printing on canvas. However, not just any scan will do. It is important to make sure the settings are correct to ensure a quality digital copy of your original. ? Depending on how large the print is and how large you want to go you will need to adjust the resolution (DPI ...

The Artists Guide to Online Video main image
The Artists Guide to Online Video
by Canvas Press | May 7, 2009

Many of our customers are artists or art hobbyists who use canvas printing as a cost effective way to reproduce their work. The artist photographs or scans his or her original and uploads the digital version to CanvasPress.com. Canvas Press will photograph your art if you drop it by our store front at 33 Cypress Blvd Ste 100, Round Rock, Texas 78665. It seems one of the challenges an artist faces is generating publicity for his or her work ...

How to Calculate Megapixels, DPI, Resolution & More main image
How to Calculate Megapixels, DPI, Resolution & More
by Kyle McKee | March 31, 2009

Do you have questions about megapixels? Check out our short guide on everything you need to know when it comes to megapixels, DPI, resolution and more!

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The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography
by Eric Von Lehmden | March 18, 2008

You're sure you haven't done anything wrong, but you don?t know whose side the law is on. Fret no more. If you are planning having that image put on canvas, check out these ten rules to see whether or not your image is a legal concern.

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Angela Valek - Photographer
by Caroline Cohoon | November 15, 2007

Photojournalist Angela Valek almost went into government work. In 2002, with just one semester to go towards her degree, she made a fatal mistake of taking a photography class. It turned her world upside down and she was hooked. To be truthful, she did end up in government work. Her skills in photography landed her an internship at the White House Photo Office. After a successful internship she returned to the University of Texas in Austin, intent on finishing her ...

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Danger! Leopards lurking!
by Caroline Cohoon | September 10, 2007

That's right ? watch out for leopards in your pictures. What am I talking about? Splotchy and uneven lighting can cause the subject of your photograph to appear spotted. Other lighting problems that might make a photograph unsuccessful are harsh light and shadows, improper white balance, and unnecessary flash. First, let's tackle how to avoid those pesky leopards. Trees are usually the culprits of this effect. Whether a tree is casting a shadow on the subject, or light shining through ...

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Release Your Inner Artist with Giclees
by Canvas Press | September 10, 2007

Imagine, if you will, turning your home into a dazzling showcase filled with art from you and your family. Did you know that with the right shade of color on your walls, you could turn the simplest art into a masterpiece? Thinking like an artist or designer means coloring "outside the lines". Most artists live their lives "outside the lines." That may be why everyone thinks we are a tad nuts. I know I wear that label with great ...

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Picture, Pictures Everywhere, But Not a One to Find
by Mike Lunt | September 1, 2007

If you are like me and capture digital pictures in almost every circumstance, the frustration of organizing all of these has crossed your mind once or twice. Two common options are (1) installing software on your computer to help keep track or (2) uploading all your pictures to an Internet site like Flickr. With the first option, the software to organize your pictures is likely to require you to open its user interface (i.e. application) to manage your pictures ...

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