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Wall Art Trends for 2015 main image
Wall Art Trends for 2015
by Laura McPherson | January 27, 2015

With your spring cleaning this year you might also be considering a bit of spring redecorating. You can find thousands of ideas online incorporating the new wall art trends for 2015, many of which incorporate your favorite canvas prints. To get you started, here are a few of our favorites. DIY Design There are many tried and true design principles like color blocking and eye-height alignment that you can use for your wall art, but DIY design experiments can ...

Print Your Family Tree on Canvas | Family Tree Prints main image
Print Your Family Tree on Canvas | Family Tree Prints
by Laura McPherson | January 20, 2015

Printing a family tree on canvas can be a way to showcase family history and create a historical record. Read how to create these family tree prints.

Art in the Bathroom: What Kind of Art Works Best in a Bathroom? main image
Art in the Bathroom: What Kind of Art Works Best in a Bathroom?
by Laura McPherson | January 13, 2015

Art...in the bathroom?? Why not?? You have chosen the artwork for the living spaces in your home with thought and care from the bedroom down to the dining room, but what about your bathroom? The bathroom is often overlooked as a place to display artwork, even though it?s a room that guests see and use frequently. There are some fears that keep you good people from displaying some type of artwork in the loo. Moisture and ...

New Ideas for Wall Quotes | Wall Quote Canvas Collage main image
New Ideas for Wall Quotes | Wall Quote Canvas Collage
by Laura McPherson | January 9, 2015

Wall quotes on canvas are an interesting way to elevate the room decor and add meaning to your decorating scheme. Get started on your quote wall collage.

The Best Wall Decor Ideas We Have Seen on Pinterest main image
The Best Wall Decor Ideas We Have Seen on Pinterest
by Laura McPherson | December 4, 2014

Is there anything that can?t be found on Pinterest? As a source for decorating ideas from small to large Pinterest can?t be beat; not only can you find decor ideas to fall in love with from all over the world but you can also collect them for future reference on the same site. We love Pinterest too, and thought we?d share a few of our favorite creative wall decor ideas we have found while pinning with you. Create a ...

What You Need to Know About Metal Wall Art main image
What You Need to Know About Metal Wall Art
by Laura McPherson | November 24, 2014

We at Canvas Press are dedicated to providing the highest quality possible for all of the different types of art and photo prints that we produce, and our metal prints are no exception. When we receive an order for a metal print we first review the image quality to make sure that it?s a good fit for the size ordered (which we do with all print orders that come in!). The image is then printed onto specially prepared ...

Kids Room Dcor Ideas main image
Kids Room Dcor Ideas
by Laura McPherson | November 5, 2014

The kids? rooms may be the most entertaining rooms in your home to decorate. Their rooms are the perfect place to use bold colors and fun themes without the need to tie these to the rest of your d?cor scheme. The key is striking a balance between what your child wants and what you want to see without going over budget or making too many permanent changes. Simply decorating the walls in your kids? rooms provides a flexible solution that ...

5 Tips For Decorating with Fine Art main image
5 Tips For Decorating with Fine Art
by Laura McPherson | November 3, 2014

Is it time to change up your home d?cor scheme? These top tips will help you navigate your options for decorating with fine art. Tip #1: Start with What You Love Using the things that you love about your current d?cor to cue your fine art choices is a great beginning for your new plans. The principle of repeating color is helpful here and can be a guidepost for all of your decorating efforts: Pick fine art that incorporates ...

Print Those Throwback Thursday Photos on Canvas main image
Print Those Throwback Thursday Photos on Canvas
by Laura McPherson | October 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday is the perfect reason to comb through your old picture files and find the motivation to scan in a few of your older negatives, but why limit your time with these old photos to social media? If you love your Throwback Thursday finds, print them as photos on canvas too! Your older photos of yourself, friends, and family can join your existing wall d?cor as happy, fun memories of times and fashions past. This is a great ...

Trending Fall Wall Dcor main image
Trending Fall Wall Dcor
by Laura McPherson | October 21, 2014

As fall descends the focus of home d?cor becomes warmth, expressed through colors, textures, and autumnal themes. This year?s top trends are to combine the traditional with bold accents that bring a modern vibe to classic fall decorating. These trending fall wall d?cor ideas can help you pick small updates for your existing wall d?cor that bring in the feeling of the season without breaking the budget. Add an Attractive Pop of Color Typical color themes for fall include ...

Trending Wall Dcor for Halloween main image
Trending Wall Dcor for Halloween
by Laura McPherson | October 16, 2014

Halloween is right around the corner ? are you ready to decorate? Go-to bats, vampires, and spiders are being joined by three major Halloween wall d?cor trends this year to make Halloween bigger and spookier than ever. These ideas will help you find the perfect wall d?cor for Halloween to hang in your home. Ghoulish Victoriana The dark gothic aesthetic of high Victorian is a huge trend in Halloween wall d?cor this year. Striking a balance between spooky and ...

Fall Wardrobe Ideas for Your Family Portraits on Canvas main image
Fall Wardrobe Ideas for Your Family Portraits on Canvas
by Laura McPherson | October 8, 2014

Autumn and fall are perfect times to have family portraits taken because virtually everywhere you look there is a ready-made backdrop that?s literally picture perfect. However, deciding what to wear might take a little inspiration, especially when your goal is to capture the feeling of fall while looking stylish together and getting the right look for your family portraits on canvas. These tips for fall wardrobe ideas can help you narrow down your choices and capture the right look for ...

At What Resolution Can You Print to Canvas? main image
At What Resolution Can You Print to Canvas?
by Laura McPherson | October 2, 2014

If you?re like me, your photo folders are probably bursting with images taken with all types of different cameras. There are images that were taken on planned trips with a DSLR, images taken on casual outings with a point and shoot, and images taken off the cuff with smartphones or copied from friends? Facebook and Instagram accounts. When it comes time to print to canvas, are all of these at a reasonable resolution to order? Actually, even the images ...

Framing Instagram Photos = Instant Art Gallery main image
Framing Instagram Photos = Instant Art Gallery
by Laura McPherson | September 24, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is one of the reasons why Instagram is so accessible. Why write a lengthy blog post or social update when a picture can say it all? Still, not everyone is on Instagram and it can be easy to miss updates when friends haven?t opened the app in awhile. Make your Instagram photos tangible with an instant art gallery of framed photos on canvas taken from your Instagram folder. Between the memory-worthy ...

Fall Wall Decor Ideas main image
Fall Wall Decor Ideas
by Laura McPherson | September 18, 2014

Fall weather is officially making its way south through the temperate zones of the U.S. The September Equinox will happen on September 23rd this year and we?re already seeing the rebirth of pumpkin spice flavoring and other heralds of fall. To celebrate the season, here are a few fun fall wall decor ideas to bring the warmth and comfort of the season into your home. Ideas for Fall Canvas Prints Canvas prints are great display vehicles for your ...

Dorm Room Decorating with Canvas Prints - Adding Much Needed Personality main image
Dorm Room Decorating with Canvas Prints - Adding Much Needed Personality
by Laura McPherson | September 16, 2014

Despite what you might have heard, dorm rooms don?t have to be dull! With a little bit of creativity you can turn your dorm into a personal getaway that reflects your personality. One small change that goes a long way is adding artwork to your room. Canvas prints are a simple way to punch up your d?cor without looking tacky. Choosing the right canvas prints and overall d?cor scheme can make your dorm room seem larger and more of ...

How To Clean Your Canvas Prints main image
How To Clean Your Canvas Prints
by Laura McPherson | August 28, 2014

Your photos on canvas can last for decades and become mementos to be passed on to the next generation with proper care. Photos on canvas are an investment in your photography and the things that you love, so it makes sense to look into ways that you can extend the perfect condition of your cherished prints. Fortunately, proper care for photos on canvas is simple and easy if you follow these tips and tricks to clean your canvas prints ...

Decorating with Newborn Photos on Canvas main image
Decorating with Newborn Photos on Canvas
by Laura McPherson | August 25, 2014

Newborn photos on canvas add a distinctive decorative touch to any room in a home. Photos of newborns are endowed with special meanings of family, love, and youth among many others and send these messages wherever they are placed and shared. These features make decorating with newborn photos on canvas an especially fun activity, from selecting the photos to deciding where they should be placed. Here are a few fun ideas for decorating and displaying your newborn photos on ...

Sepia Canvas Prints = Instant Nostalgia main image
Sepia Canvas Prints = Instant Nostalgia
by Laura McPherson | August 20, 2014

Sepia tone brings a feeling of instant nostalgia to nearly any photograph. Its rich tones are known to put the focus on the subject and composition of a photograph while subtly adding warmth and complimenting skin tones in portraits. Paired with canvas prints, sepia can create a photo that feels at once modern and timeless. Why Sepia Tone Works In the early days of photography, sepia tone and black and white were the only options available for film developing ...

When Image Wrapped Canvas Prints Are a Bad Idea main image
When Image Wrapped Canvas Prints Are a Bad Idea
by Laura McPherson | August 15, 2014

When most people think of canvas prints, the characteristic image wrap usually comes to mind ? where the image printed on the front of the canvas extends to the sides without breaking the image?s continuity. Image wraps can provide an ultra-finished and sophisticated look for most pictures and images, but when important parts of a photo are close to the canvas edge an image wrap might not be the best wrap option. To make sure that your canvas prints ...

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