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Will Facebook Ruin or Improve Instagram?

by Eric Von Lehmden | April 11, 2012

I know a lot of people were shocked when they heard that Facebook bought the very popular photo sharing app Instagram. I think the bigger shock was the price tag that was associated with the purchase. Seriously...1 Billion dollars. That is an insane amount of money for an app that doesn't support advertisers and keeps all user data private. I know many of my friends who are very nervous about what Facebook might do to popular app.

I for one have loved using Instagram as a way to share what I see in the world. I have been a photographer for over 12 years now and it is nice to challenge myself to come up with an artistic photo while not using a DSLR. We have several customers here at Canvas Press who enlarge their Instagram photos onto canvas prints because they are instant art (me being one of them). The filters are fantastic and if you aren't a fan of them...then you can keep the photo as is. This is the community that Instagram has done a fantastic job of cultivating. Their little app has given the people a chance to be creative and express themselves instantly...at that moment by sharing their view of the world through photographs. And it has been done in a safer smaller scale than Facebook. I think I follow 3 times less people on Instagram than I do on Facebook. It is a much more intimate space than Facebook and I think the purchase scares a lot of people.

I think I will continue to use Instagram to take photos and maybe make some more photo canvas art out of my prints...so I will wait and see what Facebook intends to do with it. What about you? Are you heading for the exits or are you going to stick around and click away? Here are a few of my favorite Instagram photos from the past 3 months.

fog photography, tilt-shift, instagram photo, photo to canvas


phoneography, sunrise photo, austin, tx, sun flare, instagram photo


sunset photo, instagram photo, phoneography, tilt-shift


ikea, entrance, helvetica, word art, neon light









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