National Geographic Traveler's Photo Contest Winners

by Eric Von Lehmden | August 27, 2012

National Geographic Traveler hosted a photo contest for much of this year and we are now able to see some of the amazing work by the chosen winners. Many of the winning photos were taken in the far reaches of the globe and show off the life and customs of people from all over the world. In true National Geographic photo standards, these images are not only beautiful to look at, but each and every one of them tell a story. Congratulations to all the winners for your hard work and dedication to your craft. Head over to their website at to see all the winning photographs. may be inspired to travel the globe capturing and documenting the inherent beauty in our world.


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Tips-n-Tricks #259

If you have a favorite photo that is in a JPG format, save a version of it as a .TIFF file as well. If you open a JPG file over and over again you can start to degrade the file. By saving a .TIFF version you don't have to worry about losing quality in the image.

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