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Large Orders? No Problem!

by Jessy Blanchard | June 15, 2016

Your budget is tight. There’s at least two pages of bulleted "must-haves," and somewhere down there near the bottom is an unassuming little line item that just reads "artwork." To us, art is everything, but to you, it’s one more task you need to tick off. Why not put our passion to work for you? Whether you need one big show-stopping piece or fine art reproduction on a large scale, we’ve got you covered. From hotels and the hospitality industry to hospitals and office buildings, professionals in the industry have trusted us to deliver quality artwork on time and on budget.

Custom Artwork For Your Business

Each client and project is unique. That’s why we’re proud to provide the widest range of canvas sizes available on the web, from 8" x 8" to 54" x 96". And, with our high volume art printing services, you can order a mix of sizes, styles and designs. There’s no minimum order requirement, no special club to join, and no monthly fees. In fact, we offer special volume pricing based on the size of your order. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so we provide the flexibility and service you need to satisfy your artwork needs.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality is our number one priority, and we don’t take shortcuts on our high volume orders. Each canvas is crafted with the same care and expertise, hand-stretched on poplar wood and printed with premium inks. We offer strike-offs and color samples for our canvases to ensure your artwork is picture perfect every time.

We’ll Guide You Through The Entire Process

When you first contact us for a quote, we’ll connect you with a Project Manager who will coordinate the entire project for you. This includes helping to source artwork, if needed, quality assurance, and consulting. Our goal is to make ordering your custom art as stress-free and satisfying as possible for each of our customers, whether they order five or 5,000 pieces of art.

Your Deadlines Are Our Deadlines

We do everything we can to help you meet your project timelines. Each order is different, but we will work with you upfront to establish realistic and achievable deadlines. The guidelines below are not hard and fast, but if you’re looking for a rough estimate of how long your order might take, we’ve highlighted some ballpark figures below. For a more concrete turnaround time, please contact us with your project details.

  • 50-100 canvases -- 7-10 business days
  • 100-500 canvases -- 2-4 weeks
  • 500-1,000 canvases -- 4-8 weeks

Learn More & Get Started

This is intended to be a general guideline for our high volume art printing services. If you’ve got additional questions or are ready to get your project underway, please contact us by phone at 1-888-784-5553 or by email at support@canvaspress.com. Based on your order, we can provide a quote and shipping costs within hours of speaking with you. We look forward to providing you with quality, affordable fine art reproduction and custom high volume art prints!

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